Former F1 Driver Scott Speed Attempts To KILL Fellow Racer

Sad news coming out today as a video appears to show former F1, NASCAR, ARCA, IndyCar and current GRC driver Scott Speed attempt to kill a fellow competitor. Be warned it is a graphic video and on we’re a little reluctant to show you. The consequences of his actions are dire;

First and foremost we want to thank Andrew Fawcett for being courageous enough to not only record this but to post this. Scott Speed nearly killed a fellow Porsche enthusiast and competitor. That is not at all how you should race, these machines have no place being turned into weapons.

Think about if Speed made contact with his fellow driver. We’re talking a hit to the wall, a flip, any number of possibilities. What if a superior team was scouting that driver and now they pass on him because of his finish? Speed didn’t think about any of these consequences.

The sanctioning body has since reprimanded the American and banned him from participating in the new future. Behavior like that will not be allowed in this series.


Scott Speed didn’t do this in real life, no one could have died, no one even had to pay for the damage. This was all done on iRacing, a more advanced form Forza 7 simulation racing. A platform where players take the game a little more seriously than you take a federal indictment.

After seeing the video and seeing the reactions from iRacing players you would have thought Speed was out there trying to kill someone. As if he was physically driving around the Nurburgring GP circuit trying to wack a fellow Porsche.

Was it a dick move? For sure, like your buddy driving backward on NASCAR Thunder. Did anyone die? Absolutely not.

iRacing holds itself to the same standards as an actual governing body. They will suspend players, they have a stewards office that reviews incidents and so forth. They’ve attempted to make it so real some of these players think they’re actual race car drivers that will get signed to actual race teams.

iRacing is a great tool to learn the nuances of racing, it’s not a tool that will get you into an actual race car. William Byron did it because he got in an actual race car and succeeded. Not because iRacing put him there. A lot the comments I’ve read act like this was the ultimate sin of auto racing and ignoring this is at the end of the day a game. You can take it as seriously as you want, still a game. There’s nothing that proves being good online correlates to being good in an actual race car.

Did Scott Speed warrant a full hit piece from TheDrive? Absolutely not, if this is the case than anyone that kills a teammate in a shooting game should be subject to a 2000 word hit piece. Speed is a flamboyant guy whose career never panned out to what it could have been. Maybe that’s enough of a punishment before dragging him through the mud for what he did on a video game and comparing it to an ARCA race from a decade ago.

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