Actual Surprise: ThorSport Racing Is Leaving Toyota For Ford

Here’s the biggest shock of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series offseason, ThorSport Racing announced Tuesday they would be leaving Toyota.

After a massively successful 6 year run with Toyota and TRD, the team based in Northern Ohio is looking to go in a new direction. ThorSport did not release what manufacturer the team would be switching to. However, a source has told us they will be joining the Ford camp for the 2018 season.

In their time with Toyota, ThorSport was able to win 2 Camping World Truck Series Championships as well as 18 races including two last season with Ben Rhodes and Matt Crafton. The team has been a stalwart of the truck series, a force to be reckoned with and a championship contender for the last 6 years.

Move To Ford

According to our source, ThorSport Racing will be making the move to Ford for the 2018 season.

Brad Keselowski Racing was the factory Ford team in 2017, that team shut down after the Homestead race citing the rising costs of the series. That move left Ford without a factory team and a place to develop their young drivers.

ThorSport will now step into that space. Where Brad Keselowski wanted more money and support from Ford, ThorSport can offset that with their business model. The move also gives Ford a place to develop their young drivers while also potentially bringing Ben Rhodes and Matt Crafton into their stable.

Great For The Series

NASCAR’s truck series has struggled for the past 4-5 years. WHen BKR announced they would be closing their doors the immediate dialogue¬†turned to the health of the series. Not only was the sport losing a race winning team but they were also losing a manufacturer’s support.

With ThorSport moving to Ford that keeps a third OEM in the series while also enhancing the health of the series. Toyota pumps a lot of money into the truck series but that isn’t healthy for the series. Ford will now have a championship caliber winning team to fly the flag for them. A massive win for the series and the sport.

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