BKR Died So Others Could Live, Is Brad Keselowski Jesus?

Jesus died for our sins so we could live. (I think, never read it). Organ donors harvest their organs so others can live.

What if I told you BKR died so others could live?

Brad Keselowski Racing closed shop after the Homestead Camping World Truck Series Finale. Chase Briscoe won the race in a perfect Hollywood style ending to what was BKR. Keselowski announced he would close the team as he looks to start a private business that will hopefully one day produce enough revenue to fund a race team in the future.

Now that BKR has ceased to exist in its former form something incredible has happened. Other teams have bought the former BKR Ford F-150’s and will be running them this season in the Camping World Truck Series.

Smaller teams will get year old factory/Penske equipment which will undoubtedly be exponentially better than what they have. Look at Jordan Anderson over here. He bought one or two or three of the BKR trucks. Those trucks are far better than what he has been racing. We’re talking well Jordan Anderson equipment to Penske equipment. That’s the exact comparison.


You also have Jesse Little out here with a truck too. He has been a midpack truck racing for his own team in their Toyota. Now he has a Ford which should be better than anything they currently have. Question is will he leave the Ford body on the chassis?

The real question here is could Brad Keselowski be Jesus or at least an Organ Donor?

He didn’t turn water into wine or in true NASCAR fashion, Miller Lite. Brad didn’t walk on water but he probably has a bold idea to make it happen. Hell, he wasn’t even dragged through the streets and nailed to a cross although he has been dragged on these internet streets. He speaks the righteous word of ideas and stands by those crazy, not so poetic ideas.

What Brad did do though is die for the betterment of the people. Figuratively died, not actually, that would have been massive news and great for merch sales.

Brad killed his team and other, smaller teams benefit from it. Actually, BKR was the organ donor for the rest of the series. Thankfully someone there pulled out the card and saw that organ donor mark. They then set out to harvest out parts and pieces to other truck teams that are in desperate need of new equipment.

So is Brad Jesus? Maybe, Jesus performed miracles, Brad got married to a smoke. Jesus rose from the dead, Brad rose from a crash in the Pocono’s. There are some comparisons to be made, both have a legion of followers, both are products of a god. Just saying there is something there.

More likely scenario, Brad is an organ donor and wanted to leave a piece of himself in every truck team possible. He seared his initials onto each piece of equipment that left the shop so they never forget him like a British liver doctor.

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