Honest Press Release: Chad Norris Joins GMS Racing

Honest Press Releases are meant for fun. Taking them seriously is on you and the lack of humor in your life. Chill out man, it’s just racing. 

STATESVILLE N.C. (December 7, 2017) – GMS Racing officials announced today that veteran crew chief and career savior, Chad Norris will join expert SAFER barrier tester Spencer Gallagher and the No. 23 team for the 2018 NASCAR XFINITY Series (NXS) season. With many successful years of experience in the NASCAR industry, Norris has worked alongside numerous top-named drivers like Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, Trevor Bayne, Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. until the RFR demise and most recently Brennan Poole.

“Chad will bring a lot of good and solid knowledge to this XFINITY program something we all lack, we hope he can act like a sensei to Spencer,” said General Manager Mike Beam. “Spencer showed a lot of improvement last season by only wrecking out 7 times and I feel like Chad can take him to the next level. By next level, we’re aiming to finish races and run up front, our average finish of 24.4 needs to be around 23.0 #branding. With Chad’s veteran knowledge and experience I know Spencer and this No. 23 team will succeed and excel. Spencer hates excel, he missed that day in school and despises the word, but we had to use. The team needs to succeed with the amount of money Maurice is dumping into this program, Spencer’s inheritance is being put to work.”

In 255 races throughout Norris’ career in the top three levels of NASCAR, he has amassed three wins, 30 top-five and 107 top-10 finishes, as well as six pole awards. Three more wins, 27 more Top 5’s, and 90 more Top 10’s than Spencer, we’re hoping Chad can find more for Spencer. He amassed those as a crew chief, not a driver. Just so you all know. Spencer is the driver.  Most recently, Norris completed the last two NXS seasons with Brennan Poole sometimes known as “The Bull”, also a nemesis to Elliott Sadler, making the NASCAR Playoffs in 2016 and 2017. So we poached him hoping to capture some of the #48 teams speed at the end of last season. So far we haven’t seen the speed but when we do we have a guy waiting with a box to catch it.

“I am really excited to join GMS Racing for the 2018 season for one main reason that rhymes with honey,” said crew chief Chad Norris. “We have all of the assets to build this XFINITY team into a top-tier competitor every weekend at the track. With Mike Beam and myself, there is a lot of veteran knowledge to continue to not only help Spencer to grow as a driver but the XFINITY program as a whole. We hope the JRM cars we will be setting up can guide Spencer to victory and possibly enough money for teeth whitening appointment.  If not we’ll invest in autonomous technology to get him a trophy.”

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