Some Good News/Bad News: Robin Miller Has Treatable Bone Cancer Sports IndyCar expert Robin Miller has a treatable form of bone cancer. That’s obviously bad news but the good news is it sounds treatable based on what people have said.

If you listen to the Marshall Pruett Podcast and more specifically the “The Week In IndyCar” portion of the podcast you know Miller has been under the weather. Following the Sonoma finale, Miller took some time off of the podcast. Citing a cold which he mentioned was the flu or something. The Sonoma finale was September 17th, the length of his “flu” was taking too long.

Unfortunately you always kind of think something else might be happening when someone is missing for an extended period of time. Pruett gives weekly updates but has always said Robin was working on getting stronger. Which makes sense, Robin isn’t a young guy anymore regardless of how quick he runs on the grid walk.

Thankfully it sounds like a treatable form of bone cancer that he can beat. According to Tony Donohue from 107 The Fan in Indianapolis, Miller will undergo stem cell therapy in a few weeks. The survival rate for bone cancer is 80%.

Robin is going to be fine. That guy is too hard headed to die yet. He hasn’t seen enough American’s make it to IndyCar. He needs to see Sage Karam get a full-time ride or at least write about it until everyone goes insane. Miller hasn’t pissed off Chip Ganassi enough yet either. He needs to see Kyle Larson run Indy. There’s a lot Miller has left to see. No worries though, he hasn’t eaten his last pork tenderloin yet.

Get well, Robin. Those Sunday nights watching Wind Tunnel hoping Robin would be on were a staple of my childhood.

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