Pathetic Man Posts Racist Comments Directed At Darrell Wallace, Uses His Real Name And Lost His Job

If you’re a racist out on these internet streets you’re living a dangerous life. A pack of Omars are just waiting for a racist to pop up.  Being a racist on the internet in 2017 is becoming increasingly harder especially if you’re trying to live a normal life outside of Twitter. Just ask Brett Nottestad who was dumb enough to tweet racist comments at Darrell Wallace Jr. WHILE USING HIS LEGAL NAME.

Brett isn’t very good at being an anonymous racist. Instead of being like most racists and hiding behind a fake name Brett decided to stand by his word.  “I say what everyone is thinking” is Brett’s mindset thinking people actually agree with him. This alarmingly stupid individual used his legal name with his last name on his Twitter account. Listen NASCAR has a lot of stupid fans but Brett has to be right up there.

Darrell Wallace Jr. was named the driver of the famed #43 on October 25th. This week Bleacher Report ran a story on Darrell being the first full-time African American driver in NASCAR in nearly 50 years. That’s huge news, it’s something NASCAR needs more of and frankly is long overdue for. However, this is NASCAR and not all NASCAR fans are reasonable individuals. Insert Brett and his racist comments;

You make a police brutality joke aimed at someone’s grandmother you get whatever is coming to you. In my opinion, Brett thinks black people deserve to get shot. And it’s apparently the only way black people die in this country. Brett’s a piece of shit, in my opinion of course. He also made a zoo joke aimed at a black person because that’s so original. What an asshole.

Who are the 1,423 other drivers more qualified? We’re going to have to dip into local short track racing to make the list. You’re telling me Junior Miller from Bowman Grey is more qualified?  In my brain, I have a Rolodex of race car driver names and I’m not sure I could come up with 1,423 drivers currently racing. Definitely couldn’t come up with that many that are more qualified than Darrell. Brett is superior to the rest of us though and he knows talent. Darrell has terrible talent. Just the worst.

Brett thought he could hide on the internet. After all, what you say on the internet isn’t real. Except that it is and Brett is now unemployed.

Nah Nah Nah Nah, hey hey hey, goodbye. There is no place for racial bigots in the world. If you want to be a public racist know there are consequences to your comments. Even if you’re a golf coach in Wisconsin. What was the end game? Do these people really think the people they’re tweeting at will take their advice? Like Darrell Wallace was going to be like “you know what, Brett is right, I am terrible.” And then announce his retirement? The self-centeredness of people is astonishing.

NASCAR is better without racists, if more people want to identify themselves that’d be awesome.

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