Do You Think Kimi Raikkonen Knows He Is Beloved?

Kimi Raikkonen was in rare form Thursday during the FIA press conference. Like most weeks Kimi does his press conferences and gives short, generally dry humor remarks. He’s a fin, they aren’t known for being personable outgoing people. He’s the Matt Kenseth of Formula One except he rarely laughs at his own jokes.

This week he was asked about former teammate Felipe Massa retiring. Again. After the Brazilian Grand Prix

Kimi doesn’t have time for nice remarks. “Bwhoa he’ll be back next year” is probably what he wanted to say. Instead, he just made fun of his friend and everyone is like “oh, Kimi.” The same way we look at kids dropping one-liners.

Stuff like that is what has made Kimi a fan favorite. A monotone national treasure that no one wants to lose. He may be the second driver at Ferrari but he’s the #1 driver in everyone’s heart. That should be a t-shirt or some inspirational saying a Chinese knockoff brand sells on eBay with Kimi’s face on it.

Kimi Has To Be Aware Of This, Right?

There is no way Raikkonen doesn’t know that people love his answers and attitude. He’s one of the few guys that has a “fuck it” attitude in Formula one and it works well for him. Says whatever is on his mind whether something is boring or he just took a shit. Kimi will tell you and have absolutely no shame.

What we don’t want to see happen is Kimi become self-aware of himself. It doesn’t appear that he has or that he even cares people love him. The guy has no social media, it’s unlikely he even knows how funny everyone thinks he is. The guy dressed up as a gorilla and entered a snowmobile race under an alias just because he likes snowmobiles. He fell off a boat in the Monaco harbor. This guy doesn’t give a fuck and people can’t get enough of it.

Here are some moments from the 2017 season

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