What We Learned From Radioactive After Texas

Every week the best part of NASCAR¬†Race Hub and NASCAR America is the Radioactive/Scan All segments the shows do. Really they should make the whole Tuesday episode of those shows strictly radio transmissions and analysis. Generally, they’re filled with Kurt Busch demeaning himself and literally every other person on earth in a pretty entertaining manner. Sometimes we hear AJ Allmendinger whine like a school girl or Dale Jr fire off some one-liners.

You can also learn a lot about team relationships and driver’s thoughts during Radioactive. Driver’s comments in the car are a lot like a drunk person. Generally, it’s the most truthful moment of their week. Whether they’re what you want to hear or not it’s the truth. “I was drunk I didn’t mean you have a small dick” sure babe, whatever. Drivers will get out and say “oh man that’s heat of the moment stuff” and you’re like well you called our guy a fat ass sooooo.

Here’s what we learned from Sunday’s race in Texas;

  • Roger Penske radio’s Ryan Blaney before the race. Which is weird because Blaney drives for the Wood Brothers which is supposed to be operating as their own team with a technical alliance. Yet Penske talked to him on the radio and his crew chief. Blaney is joining that team next year in the #12 but it was still interesting. Penske really should have just let Blaney run the #21 and they could house it at their shop.

  • Dale Jr can get pretty testy on the radio with Greg Ives and spotter TJ Majors. This week Greg asked him if the track bar was helping. Dale decided to pose the question to the track bar. Which is an inanimate¬†object for people thinking it was an Eddie Gossage gimmick. NBC would give you a thorough explanation if they were here. Steve Letarte would add “track bars can’t talk for the record” Yeah Steve, we know.

  • Cole Pearn and the #78 team are a bunch of hardos. Generally, it’s Martin talking tough on the track when someone does the most minuscule thing to him. Or you get his spotter Clayton Hughes acting like the 78 is the only car on the track. This week it was Pearn who decided to be tough. He was angry with the way the 22 pitted, likely because they had to drive around the 78 into their box. Pretty standard behavior actually. Pearn called the #22 Jackman a fatass and said they’d knock the car off the jack next time. Spoiler, they won’t.

  • Erik Jones complaining on the radio is a stalwart. Each week Jones has complaints about traffic, lack of grip, the car not handling well. It’s almost like if his car isn’t 10 for 10 perfect the day is ruined. The kid is in one of the fastest cars in series but nothing ever seems to be good enough. Jones can wheel but if it isn’t perfect from the start he doesn’t seem mentally tough enough to overcome that.
  • Kurt Busch is back baby. The nice guy we’ve seen on the radio the last few years is finally starting to go away. He came back on Sunday motherfucking himself and the car. A quality Kurt Busch meltdown is something we all enjoy. We like this kind, not the kind where he berates poor Jerry Punch.
  • The biggest takeaway from this Radioactive had to be Kyle Larson and Crew Chief Chad Johnston. Larson wrecked in the third stage after having a really good car earlier in the day. Johnston infers over the radio he thinks Larson wrecked the car on purpose. Things went downhill for these guys after their elimination from The Playoffs. Maybe a little trouble in paradise over at CGR.

  • Martin Truex Jr. has spent the entire season dominating races and driving around guys left and right. The most dominant car legal or not has looked like Superman on speedways this season. The power of the Toyota engine is immense, restarts are a foregone conclusion when he’s on the front row. When Harvick drove around the #78 with 10 laps to go Truex was shocked. The immortal looked like a mere mortal for a change and was not happy about it.

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