NASCAR President Brent Dewar Is Out Here Acting Like NASCAR’s Attack Dog

NASCAR President Brent Dewar is out here trying to keep these internet streets free of anti-NASCAR sentiments. NASCAR’s new President is acting like an attack dog protecting the multi-colored gates in Daytona Beach. Lacksadical owner, Brian France isn’t around to reel his dog in.

Don’t you think about disparaging the good name of NASCAR.¬†Dewar’s latest victim was Pistol Pete Pistone from SiriusXM NASCAR. Pistone is insufferable in his own right, we’ve all lashed out at his truly awful takes. Pistone had a dumb take Sunday night;

Sending the guy who intentionally wrecked someone to the back is how local short tracks handle it. That’s how it should be in all honesty. There’s a difference between moving a guy and wrecking a guy. Hamlin blatantly wrecked Elliott. That gets you sent to the back.

Pistone thinking that him talking to 5 short track operators adds anything to the story is mind-boggling stupid. Congrats dude, you know 5 people. Other than that it provides exactly nothing to the situation. It’s not like this is something that happens on a weekly basis in NASCAR to warrant a rule about it.

Dewar though lashed out at a media member. Calling him an Arm Chair Quarterback for questioning what NASCAR should do. It’s a bold move considering everyone questions NASCAR’s calls on a weekly basis. Maybe the President of NASCAR shouldn’t be acting like an internet commenter stuffing nerds into lockers. Adam Silver and Rob Manfred don’t respond to anything on Twitter. If NASCAR wants to follow the big 4 maybe Dewar doesn’t do this.

Then you have Dewar going after Eddie Gossage. Listen, going after Eddie is like being an adult hitting a pinata. It’s so easy to win it’s not enjoyable. Eddie loves to talk but makes himself look like a fool most times.

Dewar lashed out when Eddie said he didn’t want less track time. Failing to realize there isn’t less track time it’s literally just crammed into two days instead of 3. Math is tough. Google calendars can be confusing sometimes. We get it, Eddie. Dewar is right, just a weird approach to it.

Ps. Eddie, your track is 1.44 miles, not 1.5 make that a selling point.

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