Did Richard Petty Announce Darrell Wallace For 2018 & We All Missed It?

Hold up.

Did Richard Petty Motorsports announce Darrell Wallace Jr. for 2018 and everyone missed it? In a video posted on MSN.com, it appears to show RPM has hired fan favorite Bubba Wallace for next season. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO.  If it’s off MSN it’s still live here 


MSN is a wild place to make an announcement and proof that something can exist on the internet for 20 HOURS and no one will see it. It’s such an old site you can’t embed videos. It’s such a Petty move to do it on MSN you have to love it. Richard probably only wants to use IBM and still says Hewlett Packard too.

If this is true and this is an actual announcement it’s a phenomenal move by Petty. Bubba Wallace is one of the most popular young drivers in the sport and one that absolutely deserves a shot. A proven winner in the Truck Series who ran phenomenally well in the #43 earlier this season. His 11th place finish at Kentucky was the best 1.5 mile run for the team up to that point.

No word on who the sponsor will be or anything like that. If Petty is making announcements on MSN there’s a solid chance Netzero or AskJeeves.com could be the sponsor on the car. Napster and Sony’s Walkman brand serving as associate sponsors.

Still, mind-blowing NASCAR can post something on MSN and no one notices for a solid 20 hours. Unbelievable.

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