From President Trump’s Desk: NASCAR At Kansas

True Americans,

NASCAR travels to the great state of Kansas this weekend. The wheat state. Have you had the wheat in Kansas? Some of the best wheat. Tremendous wheat in this state the whole world uses it. China. China uses Kansas wheat and we’re going to make sure our wheat trade agreement gets fixed. Great people in Kansas, farmers, people, Jayhawks. I’m told by some great people NASCAR is coming to Kansas City this weekend. The Kansas one.

I called the President of Kansas this week to talk about the massive crowd. He said, “Donald, we haven’t had a massive crowd in years.” I told him, you give me a few minutes. We’ve got all the Trump supporters coming to the race. Great people. Tremendous people all coming to watch NASCAR. Not the failing NFL. No kneeling in NASCAR. Great Americans who RESPECT our troops. So proud of NASCAR.

People tell me Kansas is a boring race track. Not me. Some people have said that. It’s fitting though, Kansas is a flat state. We won Kansas in the election to beat crooked Hillary. Kansas invited Melania and I to the race this week. They said, “Donald, we’d love you and your beautiful wife to come to the race this weekend.” And she is beautiful. She’s right here. I’m here with Melania, my wife. Unfortunately, we can’t make it. I have pressing matters in Puerto Ric to attend to from New Jersey. However, I will be watching.

Before I get to my pick for this weekend. People love my pick. My people tell me it’s the most clicked on blog or article of the weekend. First though, congrats to Dale Jr. and his beautiful wife Amy on their pregnancy. I’m sure it will be a beautiful child. Not as beautiful as Ivanka but we all play favorites. Ivanka is a beautiful woman. Same for my other daughter.


People ask me every week, they ask me, and they say ” Donald, who is going to win the NASCAR race this weekend?” They know I’m a big NASCAR fan, watch all the races, remember all the winners. I do. I really do. I like a lot of drivers this weekend. I like to have winners on my side. I like my drivers to be winners. My pick this weekend, ¬†and it’s a tremendous pick, I’m picking Martin Truex Jr. Believe me, he’s a winner. He’s a tremendous talent. Driving for a spectacular team out of Colorado, we won’t talk about Colorado though. Toyota has invested in this great country. We support American manufacturing.

Look we all know what’s at stake in Kansas. We do, I’m going to tell you. But we know what’s on the line. Kyle Busch could be eliminated from the playoffs. People tell me that would be a huge upset. An amazing upset. A very very very big story after the race. People tell me he’s a winner. Kyle Busch wins races. Someone is winning these races. People say it’s Kyle Busch. It’d be a tremendous tragedy if he were to be eliminated. No like the elimination we have planned for Rocket Man.

My friend Dwight Eisenhower told me how great Kansas is. He said, “Donald, the state, it’s a tremendous state.” I said thank you, Dwight, I’ll tell everyone. The interstate system was started there. Brown v. Board of education happened there. Unfortunately. People tell me the great Rob Riggle is from Kansas. Crooked Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine is from this great state. Melania and I look forward to meeting everyone in the great state of Kansas.

NASCAR in Kansas this Sunday. No kneeling like the spoiled NFL. True American’s supporting OUR troops. They know what they signed up for to represent this great country. I give myself a 10 for promoting NASCAR. Highest ratings in 5 years last week. People said Donald knows ratings. Highest ratings, tremendous ratings. Have you seen the ratings? Check them out. I think you’ll be surprised.


Make America Great Again,


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