Lewis Hamilton Had An F1 Car At Pocono, So Pocono GP?

Lewis Hamilton keeps telling all of his followers he’s working on something “top secret.” Generally, he starts off InstagramĀ stories or Snap stories with “hey guys, I can’t wait…” like any good social influencer would. Minus the “subscribe we post new videos every day” bull shit. Lewis has very much embraced the idea of sharing his whole life with us.

To start this week he was in New York City, the big apple if you will. He showed us his car and then a helicopter that was taking him to a secret location. “GET TO THE CHOPPA, NOW!” That secret location was Pocono Raceway. Not exactly that secret when you show off the spire topped grandstand but to each their own. “Guy’s I’m headed to a secret location” Lewis that’s the Empire State Building. “Yeah but it’s secret” Oh ok.

What was Lewis doing at Pocono? Not a clue but his Mercedes F1 car was there and he was lighting up the tires in stereotypical American fashion.Ā  But could there be a more underlying secret that just donuts? Sure he was there to shoot a promo video for someone, probably Monster. But what if it was something more?

Welcome To The Pocono Grand Prix

Nothing screams luxurious lifestyle destination quite like The Pocono’s. A mere 111 miles from the island of Manhattan, the center of the world. The media capital of the universe. Hop on I-80 and you can be there in 2 hours. A circuit that is already built, an oval track with a road course inside of it. No Manhattan back drop but still close enough to tap into the ultra-wealthy socialites from the city but with no required costs of building a circuit.

Pocono Raceway already has a road course built into it. NASCAR has mentioned they may race on it at some point to spice up one of the dates at Pocono. You can see most of the road course from the grandstand on the front stretch. It’s actually a smart place to hold a grand prix if Watkins Glen is out of the running .

Naturally this will never happen because why would it? Liberty Media and F1 want to construct a street circuit somewhere in New York City just to say they have a street race in the city. It’s completely pointless and will likely be a follow the leader race. But hey, it’s New York.

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