From President Trump’s Desk: NASCAR At Talladega

NASCAR fans, Brian France and the State of Alabama: Welcome to Talladega. It is a HUGE honor to write this to you great, great people and address the NASCAR race in Talladega this weekend.

Unfortunately, I can’t be in Talladega this weekend. But I’m told, by some great people on the ground where we’re expecting a MASSIVE crowd. 200,000 people. The biggest race in America. Almost as big as my rally. True American’s coming out to enjoy an AMERICAN sport. So proud of NASCAR and its supporters and fans. Phenomenal drivers and teams too. Great owners like Richard Petty and Bob Childress. Have you met them? Tremendous people. NASCAR is full of winners, and let me tell you, I know winning. My book is about winning. Have you read my book? Read it some time.

Some people say Daytona is the best track in NASCAR. Not me. Some people have said that. I believe the best track is right here in Talladega. You all gave me tremendous support in the election to defeat crooked Hillary. We almost got Luther Strange elected a few weeks ago. Luther didn’t run a good campaign. Just didn’t. But NASCAR runs a good business. Don’t let the Fake News fool you, NASCAR is healthy and making money. Unlike the spoiled NFL. Talladega is a great track. That start-finish line separates it from the others. Tremendous design that people love. I hear they have “the big one here.” I know a thing or two about a big one. I do.

People ask me every week, they ask me, and they say “who is going to win the NASCAR race this weekend?” And I have to tell ya, I have a lot of favorites. I probably have more favorites than most NASCAR fans. But you can’t always pick favorites. Smart picks are the best. But my pick this weekend, to me, and he is the very best at what he does, just spectacular, has to be Dale Earnhardt Jr. His Dad was a big fan of mine from Home Alone 2. But Dale Jr is just phenomenal. Ryan Newman and Chase Elliott are wonderful too. Both are big winners. Tremendous drivers in the sport. I could sit here all day and name drivers. Just rattle them right off, it’s what I do. Great brain. Huge brain. Memory too.

Look, we all know about Talladega this weekend. We have Dale Jr. coming into this race, looking to do tremendous things. Look at his record. Look at what he has done here before. Six wins. He has 9 wins here. Almost as many terms as FDR. I won 30 states but that’s not important. We have tremendous support for Dale Jr. I’ll be supporting him for as long as we can. There is tremendous hope for him. He needs this win, to me this would be the biggest win in NASCAR history. Yes, yes the BIGGEST. My pick never loses. Let’s keep those Toyotas out of victory lane. Keep them out until their new manufacturing facility opens.

I’ve had so many people call me this week. They call me and ask “Donald, are you coming to a NASCAR race?” I told them I’m so busy. And I am busy. That I just don’t have time. But. If we can pass healthcare I will make it to a race. We’re going to cut taxes too. Biggest tax cut ever. To help NASCAR fans get to race tracks. Maybe Kansas. Maybe Texas. Maybe Miami. I love Miami. Melania loves Miami. Great city. Just a great place.¬†

Not one driver or fan will knee in Talladega this weekend. Not like the pathetic NFL. NASCAR fans understand America. People tell me the infield at Talladega, they tell me it’s a party. I know a thing or two about parties. Plenty of beautiful women. Don’t grab them. We don’t do that. Beautiful women everywhere. Enjoy it. Talladega women as some of the best. Budweiser is the beer of choice in Talladega. Great AMERICAN beer. ¬†Flags everywhere. American flags, other flags, Trump flags. Proud Americans. Fine people flying their stars and bars.

Make Talladega Great Again

Make America Great Again

Your President,


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