Daddy Stroll Has Shut Down Robert Kubica’s Williams Test

Robert Kubica is looking to make a comeback in Formula One and he’s looking to do it in 2018. Williams Martini Racing has emerged as the last logical seat for the Pole to occupy for next season. Felipe Massa currently occupies the #1 seat at Williams alongside rookie teenager Lance Stroll. Williams and the Stroll’s are evaluating drivers to replace Massa in 2018, insert Robert Kubica.

Kubica was slated to test a 2014 Williams at Suzuka last week but those plans were kiboshed by Lawrence Stroll, father to Lance Stroll. The decision was made to ship the 2014 Williams to Austin, TX to allow the teenager to turn laps there ahead of the USGP. Kubica has now been left without a car to test even though Lance Stroll tested that same car for two days after the Singapore Grand Prix. Looks like Daddy Stroll is making all the calls at Williams currently.

Lawrence Stroll bought his son a race seat at Williams this year and obviously next. Naturally, Daddy Stroll is also paying for his son’s test program this season, he is not paying for Kubica’s. The Stroll’s have been the driving factor behind replacing Massa for 2017, they’d like a driver in the team that can push Lance but not too much, we can’t have him look subpar. When you’re worth a few billion though, toss some cash at Kubica so he can test the car.

Who Do They Want?

It appears the Stroll’s have their eyes on Paul di Resta, reserve driver for Williams. di Resta filled in for the unwell Massa earlier this season and ran a respectable race. To the outside world, it appears the Stroll’s are looking for a driver that would boost Lance’s performance. The same way attractive girls always have less attractive friends, that’s the Stroll’s approach to finding Lance a teammate. Be good, but not good enough to beat Lance.

Basically, this is Talladega Nights with a Canadian and a Scot. Ricky Bobby is Lance, Cal Naughton is di Resta and he can never win. Lance pisses excellence and definitely dates girls that are only with him because he’s a race car driver. Remake the movie.

What About Bob?

Kubica’s only hope now is to find money to pay for the Williams test. At this point though it appears to be a waste of money. Lawrence Stroll is making the calls in the boardroom at Williams. If he doesn’t like Kubica, that test is all for nothing then. Somone just give this man a shot. He has half a forearm and is still faster than most.

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