Did Chase Elliott’s #24 Team Modify His Spoiler At Chicago?

NASCAR Reddit is running rampant on a casual Tuesday morning like they’re the FBI about to catch Frank Abagnale. Chase Elliott is the victim of some pretty blatant McCarthyism on the internet. There’s no way he was cheating, nope not Chase Elliott.

Oh, wait.

Hmm (thinking emoji), well maybe they were trying to do something. A piece of what appears to be bear bond ran across the top of the spoiler on the #24. If you look close you can see the seam run along the top, it appears to be part of the wrap. NASCAR Playoff teams are running Monster Energy green spoilers every weekend until they are eliminated. The #24 typically runs a black spoiler, this could be something they’ve done all year but it was just harder to see.

If you’re still skeptical that they actually did anything wrong. All of you Chase Elliott fangirls, maybe the crew shouldn’t act so suspicious after the race if they weren’t trying to do something.

Baldy, there is running his hand over where the tape was. Maybe he cut it off, maybe he put it back down. Either way, he was doing something with it. His hand rub only added fuel to the tin hat’s fire.

Did It Actually Help?

Listen, everyone in NASCAR is trying to get an advantage right now. The #78 and #18 have their cars turning better than anyone. Whatever they’re doing under the car is ten times better than anyone else on the track right now. Every team is looking for an advantage, especially the Hendrick Motorsports teams. HMS appears to not be interested in tampering with the rear end of the car like the #42 and #78 are evidently doing. They appear to be looking in other places for an advantage.

The original poster on Reddit said this tape added 30-50 lbs of downforce. There is no way on God’s green earth that a little tape lip like that added 30-50lbs of downforce. If it added anything it was maybe 5 at the most 10 lbs and that’s it. What it did the most was disrupt the air going over the spoiler.

If the #24 was going to cheat wouldn’t they put that tape on the right side (left in the picture) of the spoiler? That’s the side you want the downforce to be on. The same way the Xfinity Series use to have the dog ear additions to the spoiler, that’s what you’d want if you were looking for more downforce.

Could Be Nothing

There’s a legitimate chance that this is nothing. Maybe the wrap on the spoiler just started to come apart this weekend. It’s the first race for that color, maybe they used a new supplier, who knows. The crew member messing with it after the race and trying to be sneaky about it certainly brings out the conspiracy theorists.

One thing for certain, everyone is going to be looking at the spoiler of the #24 this weekend and the rest of the playoffs.

Cheating is a part of racing.

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