Ferrari’s Ruin Their Own Day, Lewis Hamilton Cruises To A Rainy Win

Have you ever wanted to watch an F1 street race at night, in the rain? Singapore aims to deliver on your dreams and they did so on Sunday. The always interesting Singapore Grand Prix added a new element in its 10th year. Rain.

A wild start in the rain saw pole sitter Sebastian Vettel move over on Max Verstappen who in result hit Kimi Raikkonen which sent the Ferrari careening into turn one with absolutely no control of the car. With Kimi headed that way like a cruise missile without a target he tagged Verstappen in a weird return of the favor sort of thing. Their mess collected the Honda of Fernando Alonso who did a spinning 360 before grabbing a gear and getting off. The excitement didn’t stop there as Vettel who got side pod┬ádamage from Kimi, spun and lost the nose of his car. And that was just the first corner and second straight.

From there Lewis Hamilton skirted through the calamity to take a commanding lead of the race. The only incidents after the first lap would be a Danil Kvyat crash into the barriers that brought out a safety car. Marcus Ericsson also had an incident on the bridge that required another safety car.

Outside of that, it was clear sailing for Lewis Hamilton as he coasted to his 7th win of the year in what became a timed race. Hamilton takes a commanding 28 point lead into Malaysia and a lead he likely won’t relinquish barring a drastic change in performance for the Mercedes.

What Could Have Been For Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel was on pole, Raikkonen on the second row and the Mercedes starting 4th and 5th. It was a dream scenario for the Scuderia and one that should have allowed Vettel to coast to a win and open up a gap between himself an Hamilton.

Instead, a dream scenario became a nightmare only Freddy Kruger could replicate. Both cars out in the first and second corners and Hamilton was in the lead. Super unfortunate and likely a season killer for Ferrari as the series heads to circuits more suited for Mercedes.

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