Richard Petty Motorsports Signs A Sponsor That Promotes Violence & Discrimination

Richard Petty Motorsports announced a new sponsor that would be featured on the famed #43 this season and in 2018. A clothing brand named Grunt Style has stepped up to sponsor the car. Awesome, NASCAR needs new first-time sponsors and Petty certainly needs all the help they can get with the loss of Smithfield in 2018. However, upon further inspection in the replay booth, we need to talk about Grunt Style.

What Is Grunt Style?

According to their own website Grunt Style is for anyone that loves “Freedom, Bacon, and Whiskey.” It’s a clothing brand designed by presumable veterans, their website doesn’t say, for veterans or anyone that loves freedom. Essentially they’re every guy that participates in a militia group on the weekends because his days of serving are over. Or they’re just dudes who really love America to the point we question their sanity. They just want to promote their ability to “America” which is now a verb. For an “American” company that love America, some of their products are being made in South America, you know, to keep costs down.

What About This Violence And Discrimination Stuff?

Yeah, about that. Grunt Style has a number of t-shirts that you would expect the tribal tattooed guy from the gym to be wearing. That guy that lives down the street with the lifted diesel truck that has never been off the road because you live in a city of 2 million people, he’d wear this. Or the guy with the Jeep in traffic that once again is lifted, he has the doors off and is mean mugging any person that looks at him. Those are all guys that would wear these shirts. Shirts that promote gun violence and discrimination.

Yeah, it isn’t a shock say “This Is My Killing Shirt” might be a little offensive to people. Mainly because as a society we have pretty much agreed to not kill one another. Hence why you can walk down the street and not get shot GTA style because some felt like it. Also, the rainbow is a little questionable, it’s either meant to be cartoonish or a shot at the gay community. Who wears a shirt like this? All of those guys that haven’t moved on from serving in the military. Respect the hell out of anyone that serves but when you’re out, you’re out. It’s time to move on in life.

Well, those exist for a reason. Mainly because we should be able to enjoy a movie without a gun in the room. We should be able to go to a baseball game without guns present. You don’t need to carry a gun, most people that do will only make a mass shooting worse.  Gun free zones are awesome, I don’t have to worry about your bad shot taking me out while I try to enjoy my dinner.

Why wasn’t this in Spanish? German? Italian? Japanese? Why was Arabic chosen for this sticker? Is Grunt Style insinuating that if you speak Arabic you’re subject to be shot if you aren’t 100 meters back? Who is staying 100 meters back in traffic anyway?  That’s 328 feet, no one needs 328 feet of space unless they’re a flaming racist or have SARS. Other than that you’ll be fine. You have to be a real asshole to have a sticker like this.

So What Should NASCAR Do?

Earlier this season NASCAR wouldn’t allow Carl Long to have sponsorship from a legal marijuana facility. A company owned by veterans as well. After the NRA 500 debacle a few years ago they announced they would do their due diligence on new sponsors. Is NASCAR standing behind the mindset of this company or did they just fail to do their research?

People will say “it’s only a few products they sell.” Which is true but you called Jeremy Clements racist for saying one thing, why can we not condemn a whole brand for what they do? It only seems fair that the outrage is even across the board.

Grunt Style isn’t for me, it probably isn’t for you. Unfortunately, it represents a large portion of the NASCAR fan base. The same pudgy guys who are flying the rebel flag will be the guys that buy shirts from this company. It’s disappointing but that is the reality when you look at the NASCAR fan base.

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