Tony Kanaan Isn’t Dead Yet, Find Out Which Team He Signed With For 2018

Racer– RACER has learned Kanaan is expected to sign this week to wheel the No. 14 ABC Supply Honda next year, although it’s not confirmed by the four-time Indy 500 king or Larry Foyt.

Tony Kanaan isn’t dead yet. The 20-year veteran isn’t ready to retire for the ranks of sports cars quite yet. Instead, he’ll try to resurrect the struggling AJ Foyt Racing team. Kanaan will drive the #14 in 2018 which likely means Indianapolis expert Carlos Munoz will be searching for a ride heading into 2018. Kanaan brings a veteran mentality and experience to the team which is banking on his skills to help them right the wrong within the organization.

Kanaan is a fan favorite, a sponsor’s best friend, and a media savant. His on the track skills are ones that have him finishing races and consistently running towards the front of the field. In a 20 year career, the Brazilian only has 17 wins. Included in that is a 2013 Indianapolis 500 win which is part of the reason Foyt wanted to sign him. “He runs well at Indianapolis” so you know where Foyt wants to win the most. He hasn’t been to victory lane at Indy since 1999 when Kenny Brack won the race in the IRL days.

Resurrecting AJ Foyt racing is going to be a chore. It’s the equivalent of turning the Browns into a Super Bowl contender. You have a better shot getting the Padres to the World Series at this point. Kanaan isn’t going to be an over night solution for the team but he can certainly be the lead driver and point the engineering in the right direction. Right now the Foyt boys are one more bad year away from using the wrong settings in the wind tunnel and blaming that for their downfall like Roush Racing.

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