Jenson Button Wants To Race Full Time In 2018 “Maybe In America”

Jenson Button took a year long sabbatical from Formula One for the 2017 season. Turns out the 2009 World Champion misses racing enough that he wants to get back in a car full time in 2018. It won’t be an F1 car but the Brit hinted at a few options he has in mind while preparing for this weekend’s Super GT race at Suzuka.

When asked about his future racing plans Button said: “I will be definitely doing something next year for a full season.” This is the first time he has said he will be doing something full-time next season. Having time off and a smoke-show girlfriend is fantastic but sometimes you just want to pull a Ricky Bobby and go fast.

“But the discussions are underway. We’ll see how this weekend goes.If it goes well and if I enjoy the weekend, which I think I will, then maybe I could be racing here next year.” By here he means the Japanese Super GT series where he will be racing this weekend. That would be huge for the series that is currently home to former F1 winner Heikki Kovalainen, former Anderti Green driver Hideki Mutoh and 2011 late race leader Bertrand Baguette. Button would be a huge grab for them.

Hold Up, Maybe America?

Jenson Button dropped a little headline grab in his comments about where he would race in 2018. “Whether it’s here or in America or somewhere else, I don’t know yet,” said Button. Hold up real quick, Jenson. Did you say in America? Because we’re all ears now. Where could Jenson Button race in America? There are three clear options.

IndyCar Series- Honda could easily fund a ride for Button with a top Honda team in 2018. Jenson said earlier this year that the Indy 500 wasn’t something he had thought about. He also said Indy 500 drivers were brave, so maybe it’s not something he’d be interested in. Either way, it’d be incredible to see him contest a full IndyCar season.

IMSA- How incredible would it be to see Button in the Acura DPi for Penske next season? That’d be a huge get for Penske and the series as a whole.  Button has a contract with Honda through 2018. That would likely be the only seat he could get in unless he can race other cars. Either way, Jenson Button in IMSA would be a name that could get more people out to the track.

Global Rallycross –  Button has said in the past that he wants to race a rally cross season. He spends most of his time in Los Angeles so why not contest the domestic GRC season? That would do wonders for the reputation of the series and its appeal not only in the United States but also in Europe.

Jenson Button will apparently be racing somewhere in 2018. Hopefully, it’s in America but if it’s not seeing Button back in a race car will be enough to make anyone happy.

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