Dodge Is Still Looking At Joining NASCAR, Along With Another Manufacturer

According to Kickin’ Tires there are two manufacturers that are exploring the possibility of joining NASCAR. One of those manufacturers is reportedly Dodge who left the sport after 2012 when Penske decided to make the switch to Ford. The other manufacturer wasn’t named but there are only a few choices for that anonymous brand.

Brad Keselowski said on Race Hub that the sport needs a fourth manufacturer and apparently someone at these companies has listened. Brad K’s bold idea that no one else had has perked the ears on the decision makers at these companies. “Hmm, if Brad K says NASCAR needs it maybe we can play hero here.” Thanks for saving NASCAR, Brad.


Dodge has an extensive history of NASCAR including the 2012 championship with Keselowski. Dodge unveiled their 2013 NASCAR Cup car in 2012 even after Penske made their announcement to switch manufacturers in an attempt to drum up interest. Unfortunately, they couldn’t convince an existing team to switch to Dodge and they left the sport. Not even Michael Andretti could keep Dodge in the sport.

Now in 2017, they are attempting to join the sport again. This time they need to take a different approach when Penske split with Dodge it left Dodge without one key thing, engines. Penske built their own engines for Dodge and the manufacturer wasn’t interested in building their own for a new team. Without a team with the capability of doing that Dodge was left on the outside. Now if they want to join the sport again they need to adopt the Toyota approach and build their engines in house for the team they are supporting.

Dodge joining the sport would be huge for a team that currently doesn’t have factory backing or sits third in line for it. Any time a manufacturer wants to support a team means there will be more competitive cars on the track. Dodge could take a team like Front Row Motorsports and turn them into what Furniture Row Racing has become with Toyota backing. NASCAR needs more small team success stories and a new manufacturer could do that.

Possible Other Manufacturer

Whenever a new manufacturer is mentioned the usual suspects always pop up. Whether it’s Honda, Nissan, or Volkswagen they all seem to be the go to’s for potential new manufacturers. Out of the three, it’s unlikely VW would get involved as they continue to recover from DieselGate.

Honda and Nissan are very logical additions to the sport. Honda naturally has a competition with Toyota, what better way than to play that out in NASCAR? Honda has a ton of money and a rich racing history. You tell Fireball Roberts that a Camry and Accord would duel for a Daytona 500, his head likely would have fallen off. Nissan has pushed their racing efforts into a number of series recently before dialing it back. NASCAR would be a great way for them to grow their market share in the United States. Plus we’d get some more of those great Nissan Altima commercials where they dress the street car up like a road car and trick a stupid young professional into thinking it’s actually a performance car. Yeah, we need more of those commericals it our lives.

Will anyone actually join the sport? Tend to lean toward unlikely, if anyone is going to join it will be Dodge but don’t hold your breath.

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