Watching Lewis Hamilton Discover Lawn Care Tools Is Actually Entertaining

Lewis Hamilton is spending his summer break from F1 like every other driver on the grid. Somewhere in Colorado/Wyoming doing some exploring, mountain biking, ATV riding and taking care of his lawn. Lewis Hamilton apparently decided that his grass needed to be cut and he wanted to be the man to cut it.


The 3-Time World Champion waltzed right into is local Home Depot to buy the proper lawn care equipment. Leaving with a complete first home starter kit that my parents bought me. A lovely echo weed eater complete with the straight head, great for tall people. A very nice echo leaf blower, get that grass off the driveway so everything looks tidy. Also picked up a very lovely walk behind Toro push mowed with a bag to pick up the clippings because you definitely need to pick up the grass in the mountains.

Watching Lewis mow his grass is pretty entertaining, you know he’s never done this in his life. The way he looks at his first pass is the same way a toddler looks at everything, or your dog looks at you making something disappear. Pure amazement. His joy with the leaf blower is the exact way everyone feels. Turn it as high as you can and point it at people, classic.

Imagine what it would be like to be so wealthy you want to mow your grass to see what it’s like. Must be a hell of a life. He’s living Billy Madison’s life except he’s independently wealthy and seeming graduated high school. But they both have to relive childhood activities as adults and Lewis has decided to take up lawn care. Need Leiws Hamilton snapchat stories of him cutting the grass at all of his homes. It would be electric as he lustfully stares into the camera “Hey guys, just out cutting my lawn today” and all the fan girls go crazy. What if Lewis and Bieber cut the grass together. Holy shit.

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