Roush Racing Miraculously Finds Sponsorship for Ty Majeski But Not Bubba Wallace

Hmmmmm. VERY Interesting.

Darrell Wallace Jr (Bubba Wallace) lost his full time ride in the #6 Roush Fenway Racing Ford Mustang after the first Pocono race this summer due to lack of sponsorship. That’s pretty much a Roush trait when it comes to drivers they might be ready to move on from. “Hey listen, we can’t find sponsorship for you.” Then a few weeks later, BAM! Sponsorship is readily available.

Without a doubt Darrell was being sincere here, Ty Majeski is a talented kid who is one of the first to move from solely iRacing to stock cars. There is a part of Darrell though that has to be fuming with a little anger. He’s a proven racer and was really high in the points when they cut his team. He could have used some of the Bit-o-honey money to stay up in the points and record another 6th place finish.

Roush has done nothing but make bad decision after bad decision for the last 5 years. Instead of keeping the guy with consistency and a proven track record they’ve kept the guy with Lilly money and Ty Majeski. Obviously money runs the world and if someone has a sponsorship that means you don’t have to do any work to sell them to a sponsor. The downside to that is the state of Roush. Mid-pack cars that really only show up on the restrictor plate tracks.

Darrell Wallace deserves to be in the Cup series. He out ran a lot of talented people in the #43 at Kentucky, even the guy who he was filling in for. NASCAR and their marketing partner are pushing Bubba to sponsors in hopes of getting him a cup ride. NASCAR needs Darrell for his personality, they need charismatic young guys.

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