Quick Takeaways From NASCAR At New Hampshire: Spoiler One Is Attendance

A quick trip to the Northeast resulted in Joe Gibbs ending their dry spell and finally getting wet in victory lane. Denny Hamlin continued his streak of scoring on the track and Kyle Larson proves that passing is possible you just have to be willing to slide into questionable places. Oh and Danica came home respectable.

Kyle Larson Is In Fact Good At Driving

For the second straight week Kyle Larson proved that a fast car can pass other cars. Back to back last place starts for the budding star resulted in consecutive weeks filled with him driving to the front of the field. No one has passed more cars than Kyle Larson the last two weeks and you know what? Think he might be pretty decent at this whole driving thing. Another second place finish for him today means he has 7 second place finishes on the season and 2 wins. Imagine if he had a little luck or two more laps at a few of those races this kid could have 5-6 wins right now.

Kyle Larson’s second place finishes remind me a lot of Kasey Kahne’s 2004 season. Hopefully Larson can find that closer instinct or maybe pass the second place car 2-3 laps earlier to give himself enough time to run down the leader. If stage cautions weren’t 10 laps long Larson could have had a few extra laps to catch Hamlin. But Steve O’Donnell says there aren’t too many caution laps between stages so what do I know?

Denny Hamlin Finally Breaks Through

Joe Gibbs was winless through the first 18 races of the season. That’s their longest winless streak to start a season since 1994 when they waited until race #28 for Dale Jarrett to finally break through. Race #19 was Denny’s time though to finally score on the track. Have you seen his girlfriend? He’s doing alright in life but it’s good to see the owner of North Carolina’s largest home and only Jordan brand sponsored racer get a win. He hasn’t won enough yet.

Fun fact, with his win today Denny has now won in all 12 NASCAR Cup seasons he has competed full time in. That’s an impressive feat, granted Jimmie Johnson laughs at it but not everyone pisses excellence like Jimmie Kenneth Johnson.

Denny did do a burnout like he won the Xfinity race at Michigan though.

Ps. NASCAR social still sucks. “Wicked” you know, because we’re in the Northeast and it’s cool to talk like that. Wicked pissah, kid.

Martin Truex Jr. Pulled A Martin Truex Jr.

Cole Pearn said he wanted to win Loudon this weekend to shut everyone up that they can only win on 1.5 mile tracks. Apparently he forgot they won Dover last year which is actually a mile but that’s semantics. He wanted a flat track short track win. And he didn’t get it, again. Not sure what happened but it looked like they adjusted the car out of contention essentially. A very 2015 Cole Pearn move.

Good news for Truex is he has a billion stage win points to fall back on and the playoffs are made up of basically all 1.5 mile tracks. He’ll be totally fine. It will be interesting to see him and Larson battle in the playoffs, neither is great at closing in the final laps of a race. They may be the fastest cars all year but someone with a closer instinct will probably win this championship.

New Hampshire Attendance Is Trash

“New Hampshire draws good crowds” – everyone that attends a New Hampshire race after SMI announced they would be moving a date to Las Vegas.

It could be that the fans were fed up and were sticking it to the Bruton family. Or it could be that the racing here is generally mediocre. Or the fact it was a 3:15pm green flag and people have to drive here and didn’t want to get home around 10pm. Either way NH doesn’t draw crowds and Sunday proved it. Las Vegas doesn’t either though so, shrug it off.

Kyle Busch Winning The Xfinity Race Definitely Meant More To Him Than Ryan Preece Winning

Once again a cup regular won the Xfinity race and once again it was Kyle Busch. Ryan Preece came home in second driving the #20 car for Joe Gibbs Racing. If Kyle hadn’t been in the race then an Xfinity driver would have won. The broadcast and most of the NASCAR media will say Preece learned a lot out there racing Kyle and really showed he can race with Cup drivers. That’s awesome and none of that is wrong but he should have won.

Ryan Preece winning on Saturday would have been HUGE. Not only for him but for all the mid pack guys that just want a shot. He left a full time ride with JD Motorsports to bet on himself. Run a competitive modified and fill in at JGR whenever needed. He could have capitalized on that opportunity and brought home a win. Nope instead Kyle Busch won and no one will remember Ryan ran second. But hey he earned the respect of those cup guys, who won’t pay his bills or put him in a competitive full time ride like winning would have.

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