Who Knew Team Penske Would Be The Center Of NASCAR Silly Season

NASCAR silly season is an event everyone in racing looks forward to. There isn’t a set date for it to start but once it does rumors run out of control and everyone is changing rides, teams are shutting down, Roush is searching for sponsors and RCR might add another Dillon. Silly season is the best. This season though a game of musical chairs is centering around one team.

Nope not Hendrick Motorsports and the #88. A litany of rumors about Team Penske have been flying around faster than those Austin bridge bats at dusk. What are the rumors? Well let us tell you, they actually seem very reasonable and plausible for the first time this silly season.

Ryan Blaney To A Third Penske Car, The #12

Ryan Blaney is under contract with Team Penske currently but is being loaned out to The Wood Brothers and their famous #21 team. He scored his first career victory a couple weeks ago in Pocono and now it appears Roger Penske would like to get Young Ryan Blaney back under his roof to quash any sort of fun Blaney would bring to the sport. The #12 team will be reborn with sponsorship from Discount Tire.

Paul Menard & Menard’s Sponsorship To The #22 Xfinity Team Full Time

A week or so ago there was a hot rumor going around that Menard would drive the #21 Wood Brothers car in 2018. That would have been awful to see the #21 sporting a bright yellow Menard’s livery. Thankfully that rumor seems dead. Menard going to the Xfinity series full time makes a ton of sense. He’s a competitive Xfinity driver where he’s a 20th place Cup driver. It saves his dad around $10M a year to sponsor an Xfinity car versus a Cup car. Penske will need a sponsor for the #22 if Discount Tire goes to the Cup series with Blaney. Very plausible but if Menard isn’t in the #21, then who is?

Darrell Wallace Jr. To The Wood Brothers #21 In 2018

Darrell Wallace Jr. replacing his best friend in the #21 would be pretty fitting. Wallace can flat out drive and his performance in the Roush #6 was not indicative of his talent. His career at KBM in the truck series was much more of an indication of his talent. If Darrell Wallace gets a shot in the #21 and they keep their alliance with Penske he can definitely contend in races.

Of course the biggest seat in all of silly season, the #88 is still a wide open race. Alex Bowman has to be the guy with a clear shot at it considering the lack of real rumors around the ride.


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