Watch Michel Jourdain Jr. Pull A JR Hildebrand In The NASCAR Mexico Series

Michel Jourdain Jr. of Champ Car fame (?) is now a regular in the NASCAR Mexico Series. Apparently while leading he pulled a JR Hildebrand and took down the turn 4 wall. Only difference was JR was trying to win the Indy 500 and Michel was racing in Guadalajara. Not that Guadalajara isn’t a fantastic place, it’s just not Indy. Also the whole flipping a stock car thing may be a bit different than what JR did. Either way, same thing.

NASCAR’s Mexico Series seems like a wild place. Cars have sponsors on every part of them, sometimes Ford bodies carry Toyota badges. NASCAR Mexico cars look very much like a Nissan Altima in a hispanic neighborhood with all the stick on chrome Autozone accessories and enough vinyl banners to make a redneck think it’s gaudy.

Who knew there was a FoxSports3? Definitely not us, but FS1 could take some tips from them. Like watching the wreck as it happened, multiple shots, tracking the safety crews. Speaking of safety crews that was longer than the Pocono crew to get to Jamie Mac. Just trucks bajaing through the infield. Has a real grassroots feel and look to it.

Michel was good though. Still kicking, still 40, still looks like Boris Said’s illegitimate child when he grows his hair out, still going to be at the next race.

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