TBT: That Time Dale Jr. Almost Burned To Death At Sonoma

Throwback Thursday to that time Dale Jr almost died in a Corvette at an ALMS practice in Sonoma. NASCAR’s most popular driver coming off a Daytona 500 victory that season decided to team up with the Corvette team and race at Sonoma.

Everything changed though when he crashed in the esses, a crash that seemed to daze him. While sitting there trying to catch himself you can see his head kind of slumped down, the car burst into flames. Went from a warm day in the Bay Area to Dante’s Inferno in one second. Just engulfed the iconic yellow Corvette in flames.

Somehow Dale Jr. managed to pull himself out. He either regained consciousness enough to rip himself out of the car or some supernatural experience happened. Dale has said he thinks his dad pulled him from the car. From the video he does seem to get some help getting out of the car just with body movements but that could easily be him just forcing his body in every direction away from the flames. You’ll do some crazy things when you try to escape death.

Dale suffered some burns to his chin, neck and arms. You can still see his neck burns to this day. Thankfully he was able to get out of that car and continue racing.

NASCAR heads to Sonoma this weekend where Dale Jr. weirdly has the best finish over the last few races there. Maybe he breaks through in Sonoma. That would be WILD.

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