Paul Menard To The Wood Brothers In 2018 Is A Terrible Idea

Paul Menard to the Wood Brothers in 2018 is actually not a great idea. Everyone with Twitter fingers thinks Ryan Blaney is headed to Team Penske in 2018 as the team expands to 3 cars. That puts Blaney in the #12 car and leaves the Wood Brothers #21 seat open for the taking.

Who is going to take it?

Paul fucking Menard.

Nothing against Paul Menard but he’s partially what is wrong with the series. A guy who has been around over a decade, one lucky win to his name and 10 years of mediocre results. Fortunately for him his father is John Menard thus he has a ton of money to fund Paul’s racing career.

377 career starts for Menard and 1 win. An average finish of 20.7 is the most mediocre average finish a driver could have. He’s literally a middle of the road driver. Paul Menard seems like a super nice guy, he’s just not a NASCAR Cup Series level driver. He’d probably be a fantastic Xfinity driver.

In 2018 though he could piloting the famed Wood Brothers #21. It makes sense from a business stand point, Menard will be bringing all of that Menards sponsortship with him to the team. He’s taken it from DEI to Robert Yates to Petty and now RCR. The sponsorship will definitely follow him to the Wood Brothers.

Unfortunately that amazing Wood Brothers paint scheme we all love will likely be replaced by some gaudy day glow yellow. That’s the real bummer out of this whole possible scenario, an iconic livery replaced for yellow. Like if UPS told Ferrari they wanted the cars to be brown and make “drive the truck” commercials.

And he’s keeping a young guy likely out of the ride. Huge bummer. Like a second baseman who just won’t retire.

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