People Forget That: Michael McDowell Ran Champ Car Races

Everyone knows Michael McDowell from such fame as being that guy who flipped a trillion times at Texas during qualifying (see video below). You may also know him from winning the Road America race last year for RCR. Maybe you know him from driving the #95 car in the NASCAR Cup Series. Whatever it is, you probably know him. But there is something you probably didn’t know.


Michael McDowell Raced Champ Car

Yeah you read that right. Michael McDowell crunched his massive body into a Champ Car for two races in 2005 and absolutely no one knows or remembers that. Shoutout to Zach at from reminding me of that today. Insane that McDowell raced Champ Car in 2005 for Rocketsports. It’s absolutely never talked about on the NASCAR broadcast and theres a good chance no one at FOX even knows this happened.

In 2005 McDowell took over the second seat at Powerworks replacing the struggling Ryan Hunter-Reay. You know, the 2014 Indianapolis 500 winner and 2012 Indycar Champ. McDowell took over for him at Surfer’s Paradise and Mexico City posting results that were basically on par with RHR. Started 16th in both races and finished 12th at Surfer’s Paradise and 11th at Mexico City. Those results were the same as RHR so maybe it was the car and not the driver.

To think about Michael McDowell racing Champ Car is an absurd thought. He’s a great road racer but to think he’s a Champ Car driver is just something my brain can’t comprehend. Darrell Waltrip has always been a bid McDowell fan, he always working in “Michael McDowell, good christian boy” into every broadcast you would have thought that was his full name. But maybe DW knows driving talent. McDowell can literally be competitive in anything and not may people can say that. Jenna Fryer wants more Americans racing the Indy 500 and more NASCAR crossover. Look no further than Michael McDowell. #McDtoIndy

People forget that: Michael McDowell raced Champ Car.

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