NASCAR Has The Craziest Fans, Literally They’re Insane

Part of what makes NASCAR so great is the legions of diehard fans. These people are loyal to a driver or manufacture to a fault. They are the most ride or die people that operate without a ounce of common sense or self awareness. They’re the die hard Trump supporters with #MAGA in their Twitter bio still and can’t understand why people think they’re insufferable.

Hardcore NASCAR fans are a fringe bunch, they think they represent the fan base as a whole and know all the history of the sport. They tell everyone their opinions like your homophobic uncle at Easter dinner. “Jesus didn’t rise to save queers.” Well that’s enough dinner for today. That’s a pretty vocal segment of the NASCAR fan base. They can’t let go of certain things. Dale Sr. will literally never die to them. Toyota shouldn’t be allowed in the sport even though they’ve been here a decade and have only won a championship in that time. They think they know the history of every facet of the sport.

Personally I love reading these tweets. Crazy people are so interesting because while they’re mentally unstable to us they think they’re completely sane. So why not ask them some questions that you know they’re going to give a crazy answer to? Such a fun time.

Richard A. Brown really makes me laugh. Just an old man with a Twitter who hasn’t progressed past 1961. He hates Toyota, loves Earnhardt and needs to know why Dodge was kicked out of NASCAR (they left but never let facts get in the way).

“Toyota don’t belong” sentence structure and grammar amongst some NASCAR fans is second to none. Build a wall? How about we focus on public education to make sure these walking dunce hats know which word to use. American sport not Japanese. Yo this guy probably hates baseball. “Get all them god damn Mexicans outta our American past time.” Just a crazy person. Unfortunately that’s the guy people think of when they think of NASCAR fans.

NASCARfan170 is a history buff and proves why Jeff Gordon is better than Derrike Cope. The reason why he was better? Got the pole in his first NASCAR race but retired because the car broke. Yes, one pole in his first career start makes hime better than the guy who won the 1990 Daytona 500. If you base it off just those two fact Cope is the winner.

Other points NASCARFan170 could make;

  • 93 wins vs. 2 wins.
  • 4 championships v. 0 championships
  • 3 Daytona 500’s v. 1 Daytona 500
  • 1997 Gordon won the first two races tying Cope’s whole career win total.
  • 1994 Gordon tied Cope’s career win total in his second season.
  • 477 Top 10’s v. 32 Top 10’s

Literally so many options and that blundering mouth breather picked that. These types of NASCAR fans give the rest of us a bad reputation. I just want to watch races and have good twitter discussions while making for of Fox and @NASCAR. Instead these pyschopaths are the ones that get all the attention on twitter.

Case in point;

Basically we should all be self absorbed assholes on Twitter.

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