Someone Find Darrell Wallace Sponsorship!

NBC Sports– “When I was saying six (races), it was actually 10. I was mistaken” Wallace said. “But we have the attitude and (team owner) Jack (Roush) has the attitude that we’re going to go to Homestead. We have to figure some things out.”

Wallace has been sponsored by Leidos through the first six races and will be again this weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway. He will also be sponsored by Globe Life Bank at Talladega (May 6) and Charlotte (May 27).

If more sponsorship doesn’t emerge for the 23-year-old, Wallace’s season could end after May.

Can someone find Darrell Wallace some sponsorship ffs? The guy only has 5 straight sixth place finishes to start the season after a 33rd place finish in Daytona. He sits 4th in points behind only Elliott Sadler, William Byron and Ryan Reed who is still living off that Daytona win.

Wallace has sponsorship from Leidos for the first 7 races after sponsoring him in select races last season too. After that he’ll have Globe Life Bank whoever the hell that is and then it’s empty. Roush to their credit have fielded cars in the past with no sponsorship. That’s a costly program to run and you can’t think Roush is in the position to do that again.

Why Doesn’t He Have Sponsorship?

This is one of the most perplexing sponsorship shortages in sports. Most Xfinity drivers bring sponsorship along for rides. Everyone at JR Motorsports brought sponsorship outside of William Byron who brought Liberty University but that isn’t his full time. To race in Xfinity more often than not you have to bring some of your own sponsorship.

Finding sponsorship for Darrell Wallace shouldn’t be this hard. He is the only african-american in the sport. He’s a sponsors dream, well spoken, well composed, always pushing his sponsor whenever he gets interviewed. No controversy surrounding this kid. Yet finding sponsorship for him seems damn near impossible. This is 2017 America figure it out. Also 2017 Trump America and well, you know.

Some of this falls on Roush at the end of the day. They haven’t been the best at finding sponsorship in recent memories. While their cars have sponsorship it’s questionable how much they are charging for space on the car. When Jeff Burton was there they let him walk because they couldn’t find sponsorship then magically had Scotts for Carl Edwards the next year in the same car. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Hopefully they find a sponsor for Darrell. The guy has a legit shot at winning the championship this year and he’s been incredibly consistent which is key to winning the Xfinity title. He has a much better shot at winning than Ryan Reed but don’t tell Jack that.

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