NASCAR Says No To COTA, Happy At Texas & That Sucks

NBCSN–“We’ve not had any discussions with the track there and candidly don’t plan to,” NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer Steve O’Donnell said of COTA earlier this week at Texas Motor Speedway’s unveiling of its new $5 million racetrack surface.

“We’re happy here,” O’Donnell told the Star-Telegram of TMS. “We’ve got a long-term agreement here at Texas. They’ve been great partners for us.

“From our perspective, we’re really happy in this marketplace. Any promoter can say I’ve talked to NASCAR, but it’s different if we reach out to them. Again, we’re really happy to be here.”

Talk about a bummer. NASCAR says that there is basically no chance Circuit of the Americas (COTA) gets a NASCAR date and then doubles down saying they’re happy at Texas Motor Speedway. Huge bummer considering Texas Motors Speedway provides some of the most boring NASCAR races of the season yet gets to keep their two dates.

Not that COTA would necessarily provide a good NASCAR race, honestly it probably wouldn’t. It’s long, some of the turns are tight, and turn 1 would be calamity corner on every restart. Think turn 3 at the bottom of the hill at Road America, all the accidents that happen there in the Xfinity race. That would be turn 1 at COTA.

However it would be a far more entertaining race than two races at Texas. 1.5 mile tracks have become the norm in NASCAR and that’s certainly not a good thing. The racing generally sucks, the races are boring and no one is going to the tracks anymore. But hey, Eddie Gossage can promote amirite? Those battle posters with Kyle and Joey were electric. Except if they fight at Texas their crash is going to be big due to the speeds and that just seems irresponsible.

NASCAR is happy with Texas, not that shocking. Just once though you’d like to see NASCAR do something exciting and mix it up a little. You know jazz up the schedule or something.

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