Complete Round-Up Of NASCAR’s #NextGen Test At The Charlotte Roval

NASCAR conducted the first NextGen test since the COVID-19 shutdown in mid-March on Monday at the Charlotte Roval.

Kurt Busch and Martin Truex Jr. were tapped to wheel two NextGen cars around the Roval. Monday marked the first time two NextGen cars were on the track at the same time. Kurt Busch wheeled the RCR/NASCAR prepared blue NextGen car. Martin Truex Jr. was behind the wheel of the Action Express (IMSA team) prepared car.

A number of NASCAR media members were at the test meaning the internet was not short on content. Here is a round-up of all the important things. Mostly from Bozi.

Action Express Prepared Car

Remember both cars have generic bodies, they are not OEM specific. However, both cars have elements that NASCAR wants to implement on the final version.

Rear diffuser, side exhaust with a double vent in the skirt, flat floor, reasonable ride-height in the front, single lug wheels. A lot of what we’ve already heard about the NextGen on the Action Express car.

The Action Express car had a very deep and throaty sound to it. It appears this car has two separate outlets for the exhaust as opposed to a y-pipe.

RCR/NASCAR Prepared Car

The RCR/NASCAR prepared car is the version we have seen tested the most. A few interesting things with this car today that we’ll get into.

Here is what this car sounded like on track. Again with the deep/throaty sound but the pitch seems a touch higher than the Action Express car.

The thing that stands out the most on these photos of the RCR prepared car is the flair on the corners of the splitter. It’s hard to tell what that is from the photos. If it is for aero it’s the first time we’ve seen them during a test and you’d have to think they’re only for road course. If you know what it is definitely let us know.

Then you have the head on shot of the car. Look how symmetrical this car is. We haven’t seen this in decades, the Car of Tomorrow is the closest NASCAR has come and even then there were some discrepencies. This is certainly more symmetrical than what the current Gen-6 car is. A symmetrical car will change the aero balance of the NextGen car compared to the current generation Cup teams are working with. In theory it should help with dirty air to an extent.

Hear From The Drivers

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