Tony Stewart Says Ford Blocked Him From Hiring Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson and Stewart-Haas Racing are those two friends in the group that always flirt but never actually date even though everyone says “they’d be great together.” Larson ran in Stewart’s All-Star Series, Stewart told NASCAR to reinstate Larson. There was smoke there.

Fans clamored for the two sides to link up. Larson wheeling the #14 SHR Mustang on Sundays and ripping the cushion in a TSR sprint every chance he gets. What’s not to like about that setup?

Ultimately that didn’t happen as Larson signed with Hendrick Motorsports and now we know why.

Ford Blocked SHR From Signing Larson

Tony Stewart responded to a fan with absolutely atrocious grammar that he did try to hire Kyle Larson. Stewart apparently tried for the last four years to hire Larson but ultimately Ford blocked it. Obviously, the Ford block came this season because of his racial slur usage. The other three years were likely because Larson was under contract with Chip Ganassi Racing.

Chevrolet signed off on Hendrick Motorsports signing Larson. Part of that deal is Larson will not have a personal services contract with Chevrolet. Meaning no free cars, Larson won’t be used in advertisements, and we won’t see Larson sporting a Chevy polo/hat/etc.

Ford could have done that same deal. Ford should have done that same deal. SHR with Harvick and Larson is a formidable duo. Not to mention SHR needs a replacement for Harvick because Aric Almirola isn’t it. Chase Briscoe could be that guy, but Larson could easily have stepped into that role. Not to mention a potential 2022 lineup with Harvick, Larson, Briscoe, and Custer is a god damn monster.

Instead, in typical Ford fashion, they let ANOTHER driver get away. It’s a tradition unlike any other, Ford having a blue-chip prospect or free agent in the grasps and watching Chevy sign them instead.

Stewart doesn’t seem happy about the ordeal. The number of zeroes on his deal with Ford likely makes him feel better about it.

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