Nashville Street Race For The NASCAR Cup Series & 5 or 6 Road Courses In 2021

On this week’s episode of Door Bumper Clear, Brett Griffin let it be known that the NASCAR Cup Series will have 5 maybe 6 road course races for the 2021 season.

This marks the first time we’ve heard someone from within the industry let it be known that NASCAR will be adding and possibly be doubling their number of road courses for next season. Currently, the Cup Series has three road courses on the schedule. Watkins Glen, Sonoma, and the Charlotte Roval. COVID-19 altered the schedule this year and the Daytona Road Course was subbed in for Watkins Glen.

Of the 5/6 road courses for the 2021 schedule 4 have been confirmed so far;

  • Watkins Glen
  • Sonoma
  • Charlotte Roval
  • Circuit of the Americas

Of the rumored addition we’ve heard Road America and possibly the Daytona Road Course. NASCAR will run The Clash on the Daytona road course during Speedweeks but that’s not counted in the total.

Brett Griffin mentioned on the podcast that he’s heard rumors of a sixth road course and if it happens it’s going to be “crazy”.

Will NASCAR Hold Their First Street Race In Nashville?

IndyCar confirm novel Nashville street circuit to host race in August 2021

Griffin joked on the podcast that he would like to spot the race from Tootsie’s a well known bar in Nashville. While the proposed circuit doesn’t run past the bar, it does tip everyone off to what he was talking about.

NASCAR desperately wants to try a street race for better or worse they want to give it a go. Nashville is the hottest city in America right now, people refuse to stop moving there. Apartment buildings are going up like lego sets being built by an adderall fueled child.

For NASCAR holding their banquet in Nashville isn’t enough. Fans and the industry alike have clamored for the series to run at the Nashville Fairgrounds. In typical NASCAR fashion they listened and then said lets (possibly) do these other races in the same city.

In 2021 the series will be going to Nashville Superspeedway, a 1.33-mile concrete oval 45 minutes outside of town. Now the city may get a second date on a completely different part of town on the streets of Nashville over a bridge.

Listen, that bridge combined with NASCAR is not a great combination. Obviously fencing will prevent cars from becoming submarines but the thought of a track wide pileup stopping the race has to concern the series.

Rumor has it NASCAR will release their schedule on Wednesday.

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