If Germain Racing Closes Shop After 2020, Is NASCAR To Blame?

Another one bites the dust?

Weeks after Bob Leavine announced his team Leavine Family Racing would close their doors following the 2020 season, it appears NASCAR could be losing another owner.

Bob Germain confirmed on Tuesday that he is looking for sponsorship for the 2021 season. If sponsorship isn’t found he is also looking to sell the #13 Germain Racing team. Current sponsor Geico has not re-signed for the 2021 season and it appears they won’t be.

Is NASCAR To Blame?

When NASCAR introduced their “Premier Partner” sponsorship model for the NASCAR Cup Series it was viewed as a positive. No longer did the sport have to look for one company to bear the weight of be the title sponsor. Instead, it would now be broken up over four sponsors.

One of those “Premier Partner” is Geico. On top of now being a “Premier Partner”, Geico also sponsors the #13 in majority of races and is the “Official Insurance of NASCAR.” Three separate payments from one sponsor. Warren can’t be happy about that level of overhead.

When NASCAR announced they had signed Geico as a “Premier Partner” it left some wondering if NASCAR had stolen a primary sponsor from a team competing in their series. At first it appeared everything was fine. Busch is a “Premier Partner” and still sponsors Kevin Harvick’s #4 car, why can’t Geico?

For Geico it likely comes down to their Return On Investment (ROI). Busch sees massive ROI on all three of their NASCAR sponsorships, the money they are spending is seeing results. Geico isn’t getting that same amount of ROI when Ty Dillon finishes 25th every weekend.

Geico likely sees massively larger ROI on their “Premier Partner” sponsorship than on the hood of the #13 Camaro. Germain’s lack of performance combined with their status quo approach to the NASCAR Cup Series was ultimately their downfall.

Germain Needed To Do More

Germain Racing has raced full-time in the Cup Series since 2011 and over the past 9 seasons they have hovered around the same finishing position year after year.

A switch from Casey Mears to Ty Dillon in 2017 was supposed to take the team to the next level. Instead they gained 1-2 spots in their average finish but haven’t come remotely close to contending for the playoffs.

In that same time frame Furniture Row Racing went from back marker to championship winning team. Leavine Family Racing went from back marker to contender for Top-10’s on the regular. Meanwhile Germain aligned with RCR and has fought for Top-10’s at Daytona and Talladega.

Germain Racing had a successful tenure in the NASCAR Truck Series including winning a championship with Todd Bodine. Their move up the Cup Series never garnered the same success.

Someone call Cal Wells and tell him a team is for sale.

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