Is Michael Jordan Buying Richard Petty Motorsports?

Michael Jordan could soon be sitting atop a NASCAR pit box as the sports newest owner.

According to rumors flying around the garage area, Michael Jordan is the “celebrity” Adam Stern referenced in his tweet two weeks. According to Stern, a number of new investors have contacted Richard Petty Motorsports majority owner Andrew Murstein.

Michael Jordan, NASCAR Owner?

On this week’s episode of the Door Bumper Clear podcast the boys and TJ Majors confirmed that Michael Jordan was the name Stern was referencing. More often than not DBC is relatively spot on with their silly season rumors. Other than that time TJ Majors said Larson was talking to The Wood Brothers and then said he didn’t when people tweeted it out.

If Michael Jordan is in fact the rumored investor it wouldn’t be his first foray into motorsports. Michael Jordan Motorsports, a motorcycle team raced in the AMA Superbike Series from 2004-2013. His team would stand atop the podium after years of growing pains. Jordan isn’t a stranger to growing a team and he understands the complexities that come along with that. Winning doesn’t happen immediately.

NASCAR desperately needs new owners to join the sports. If that owner is African American and the worth $2.1B that’s even better. Not only does the sport add diversity, it adds money. More money means more competitive teams which means better fields.

Two Goats, One Team

Imagine seeing a victory lane photo with both Michael Jordan and Richard Petty in it. Imagine the team running two cars, #43 and #23. A joint partnership between the two would certainly bring new eyes to the sport and increase media attention.

Denny Hamlin?

Part of this rumor has included Denny Hamlin consistently. It appears Hamlin would like to take the Tony Stewart route in his 39th year. There is one minor holdup with this part of the rumor.

Hamlin can’t own a team and race for a four-car team per NASCAR’s rules.

That leaves Hamlin two options, leave JGR for this newly formed ownership group at RPM or invest in Jordan Brand with Michael Jordan as the owner. The former is less likely to happen when you consider the year Hamlin is having in 2020. The latter is definitely more plausible, how that investor group is set up will be interesting.

Who knows how much of this rumor is actually true. What started off as a joke on the Twitter has grown legs.

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