City of Joliet Rejects Chicagoland Speedway Plan, What Does That Mean?

The City of Joliet voted 7-0 against the proposed warehouse development at NASCAR’s Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois.

International Speedway Corporation announced last year they would redevelop portions of land that surrounds a number of their properties. Chicagoland Speedway was one of those properties slated for redevelopment. An initial proposal made public earlier this year showed plans for the warehouse developments to take place of the track.

That initial proposal shocked NASCAR fans and had everyone killing off the track. Combine that proposal with NASCAR canceling all events at Chicagoland for the 2020 season and its imminent death seemed plausible. ISC ultimately said the track would not be affected.

So What’s Happening?

The initial planning commission meeting was slated for July 16th, it was ultimately pushed back to August 20th where the planning commission voted 7-0 against the proposed warehouse development.

According to The Herald-News, the Joliet Planning Commission is generally very liberal when it comes to approving developments. The commission cited congestion along Route 53 and “traffic nightmare” that is already associated with that stretch of road. Their belief is by adding another warehouse development the truck traffic along Rt. 53 will become unbearable.

A “Gas n Wash” station was approved so if you’re in the area next summer just know you can get a wash and fill up in the area.

Next Steps?

Chicagoland Speedway President Scott Paddock said “This is not over” following Thursday night’s meeting.

Just looking at the satellite images of the track and surrounding area there doesn’t appear to be an overabundance of warehouses. When you listen to the commission speak you would think the area is jam packed with warehouses.

Certainly not as much development as you would expect. Granted, this could be an old image as well.

In reality it seems residents in the area would like to block this development. Will it happen? It depends on how hard ISC and Hillwood Investment push back. It sounds like they will so the Chicagoland drama has more chapters left.

A real telling point for the speedway will be when the 2021 NASCAR schedule is announced. Will Chicagoland be on it?

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