NASCAR Kicks Unauthorized Police Officers Out Of Texas Motor Speedway, As They Should Have

Part of NASCAR’s return to racing plan was to have a strict limit on what personnel are allowed inside the race track each weekend. Teams have limited rosters, sponsors aren’t allowed to bring guests, security is limited to the needs of the circuit, hell even team owners weren’t allowed at the race track for weeks.

This past weekend following the NASCAR Truck Series race at Texas the governing body asked a group of unapproved police officers to leave the track. The officers were there as guests of Angela Ruch, a clear violation of NASCAR’s “essential personnel” policy. To be clear, these officers weren’t there to work the event, they were there as fans.

MAGA/Blue Lives Matter Are UNHAPPY

Of course, this information hasn’t set well with the MAGA sect of this country. Red hats everywhere were just green with jealous rage that this didn’t happen to them. NASCAR’s support of Black Lives Matter and the banning of the Confederate flag has infuriated the far right. What happened Saturday night was viewed as a clear disrespect to the boys in blue.

“America’s Keepers” (a pro-police) outlet posted a hilariously awful blog about Saturday night’s incident. Here are a few highlights of the blog;

TEXAS MOTOR CITY SPEEDWAY, FORT WORTH — For the first time, disabled and wounded officers are speaking out about an incident that occurred over the weekend at a NASCAR race at Texas Motor City Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas.

On Saturday, a group of disabled officers injured in the line of duty were seated as guests of top female NASCAR driver Angela Ruch. After the race, they asked NASCAR track security if they could take a photo with her vehicle benefitting The Wounded Blue organization, which was painted in tribute to more than 120 fallen officers killed in the line of duty. 

Where is Texas Motor City Speedway? Is it better than Eddie’s Texas Motor Speedway? If it is we need to think about heading to that track.

“For the first time” my guys, it’s been 4 days, not like they’ve been traumatized by this for years like they’re an Epstein victim. “Top female driver Angela Ruch” is laugh out loud funny. She did come home 23rd only 7 laps down this week.

A NASCAR staffer asked the disabled officers to leave and to stop taking pictures, and when they explained that they had asked permission to take a photo with the vehicle, NASCAR staff called the Police.

When Fort Worth police officers arrived, the NASCAR staffer asked that they be arrested for trespassing — even though they were invited guests of a NASCAR driver, were ticketed to the event, and had even passed a drug test (a requirement to be authorized as a guest inside the VIP section with the driver and her team).

The reason these officers were asked to leave is because no one outside of the team has permission to be on pit road at any point during the weekend. Ironically the same people who say “don’t resist and do what you’re told” didn’t do what they were told and a NASCAR employee had no choice but to call on-duty officers.

Again, these officers were trespassing. Angela’s husband Mike Ruch was fined $10k by NASCAR for this incident. The officers were ticketed to sit in the stands, which was allowed at Texas. They definitely did not take a drug test.

“For weeks, NASCAR bent over backwards to support the Black Lives Matter organization,” said Lt. Randy Sutton, a 33-year law enforcement veteran. “However, when a car paying tribute to The Wounded Blue and raising charitable funds to help officers wounded in the line of duty hits the track, it’s been nothing but roadblocks. Now, for NASCAR to call for the arrest of disabled officers who simply sought to take a photo with a vehicle etched with the names of over 120 fallen officers who were killed in the line of duty? It’s clear that NASCAR is the one who is off-track.”


NASCAR should bend over backward for BLM. If these officers would have just done like they’re told we wouldn’t have this incident. It’s almost like they feel persecuted, like the thousands of people who every year experience police brutality. Weird how they react with outrage when the tables are turned.

Remember kids, when an authority figure tells you what to do, you do it. Unless of course you’re an off-duty police officer breaking very strict rules. Then you cry.

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