Do Fans Care About NASCAR Drivers Competing For ONE MILLION Dollars?

Austin Powers thought ONE MILLION DOLLARS was cool. But that was 2003 and much like the All-Star Race, the idea of competing for ONE MILLION DOLLARS was cool 17 years ago.

NASCAR is taking its annual All-Star Race to the “the world’s fastest half-mile” (at the very least Tennessee’s fastest half-mile) Wednesday night. For the first time NASCAR’s All-Star Race will take place on a short track. Tempers, used up front bumpers and heated shoving matches are expected post race. After all, the winner takes home ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Do fans really care about drivers competing for ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

In 2003, competing for ONE MILLION DOLLARS was pretty damn cool. America was enamored with “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, ironically banks were handing out loans to make people feel like millionaires and NASCAR was no different.

Jimmie Johnson won the first ONE MILLION DOLLAR All-Star Race. A second year driver taking home that much cash, that’s pretty damn cool.

But 17 years later NASCAR is still pushing the ONE MILLION DOLLARS marketing ploy and it feels stale and overdone. The fans don’t care about wealthy drivers winning more money than most fans will ever have. “Watch these rich guys get richer.” We could just look at the government if we wanted to see that.

On top of that pushing that narrative during a economic downturn at a time with record unemployment just feels like the wrong message to send.

Put On A Good Show

Fans don’t care what the prize is.

Fans want to see a good race. Fans want passing, bumping, drama. The All-Star Race is always sold as a “no holds barred” race and very rarely do we see that happen. Bristol the chance to change that, Bristol is the place to make the All-Star Race exciting again.

Forget the money. Show us a bump and run for the win, side by side on the last lap. Show us Joey Logano and Chase Elliott throwing hands. Show us Jimmie Johnson fighting a horse. Maybe the Gibbs teammates being petty to one another. That’s what we want to see and that’s what should be marketed.

TDLR; don’t mention the money, just put on a good race.

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