President Trump Tweets Blatant Lies About Bubba Wallace

President Trump woke up this morning feeling a little more racist and crazy than normal. The President went after Bubba Wallace Monday morning two weeks after the Talladega noose incident.

An incident in which someone tied a noose in the garage stall, although not directed at Wallace, it was still a noose. Since the FBI’s report, a number of Trump Supports and White Supremacists around the country have called for Bubba Wallace to apologize for what they think is a “hoax.”

On Monday morning the President, back from his 366th day of golf while in office fueled the racial fire by calling on Bubba to apologize.

Break Down The Lies

Bubba Wallace Needs To “Apologize” – Bubba Wallace owes no one an apology. At the time with the facts that were present it appeared someone had left a noose in Bubba’s garage stall at Talladega. Turns out it was just the pull down rope for the garage door, the only rope in all of NASCAR sanctioned tracks that was tied like a noose. The FBI referred to the rope as a “noose” four times in their report, it was a noose. It just wasn’t aimed at Bubba, at the time though, no one knew that.

Were willing to sacrifice everything “- Say what? Being a good person and supporting your friend isn’t “sacrificing everything.” It’s being a decent person, something no one in the administration is capable of. At a time in our country where racial tensions are at their highest point since the 1960s, NASCAR drivers chose to support others in their time of need. To stop and understand what Bubba and all people of color are going through. That’s being a good person.

“Just another Hoax”– Once again, the FBI referred to the rope as a “noose” multiple times, it was a noose. The fact it wasn’t aimed at Wallace doesn’t lessen the fact that there was a noose in the garage area. No hoax, very real.

“Flag decision and lowest ratings ever” – The President of the United States just advocated for the Confederate Flag, a symbol of hate, to be allowed to fly at NASCAR events. Four months ago Trump was at the Daytona 500, applauding NASCAR, talking about their ratings, and now they have their lowest ratings ever. Which is of course false, like everything this mouth breathing leaner says.

This feels eerily similar to Trump’s response regarding Colin Kaepernick and the NFL when it came to kneeling for the anthem. That uproar had died down, then Trump reignited it and manipulated the message to enrage his base and fuel the fire.

We live in the dumbest timeline imaginable. One where an old man with dementia is openly racist and has ignited segregation in this once great country.

Support Bubba Wallace, stand with him.

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