There Was No #NooseHoax, NASCAR Did The Right Thing At Talladega

Bubba Wallace was not the victim of a hate crime.

That’s the best news that could come out of Sunday’s discovery of a noose in Wallace’s garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway. The FBI’s findings indicated this rope has been tied in a noose since 2019, it was not directed at Bubba Wallace this past weekend.

NASCAR did the right thing on Sunday. A rope tied like a noose in the garage of the only African-American driver is cause for massive concern. This would have been classified as a hate crime, hence why the sport alerted the FBI.

FACT: There Was A Noose

Regardless of whether the noose was placed there Sunday or in 2019, there was still a noose in garage stall #4 at Talladega. A noose is a noose, according to the findings it was the only garage door rope to be tied in that fashion. The FBI referred to the rope as a “noose” multiple times in their report. This was very much a noose.

While it could be a genuine mistake, perhaps someone last year just tied it like that because the loop made it easier to pull the door down, it was still a noose. NASCAR and the track will still want to ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future.

NASCAR Did The Right Thing

NASCAR absolutely did the right thing launching an investigation into this and alerting the FBI. A noose hanging in the only African American driver’s garage stall is massively concerning.

This was absolutely not an overreaction. In the climate we live in currently, this is what the sport had to do. Steve Phelps and the management at NASCAR would absolutely make the same decision if they had to do all this over. A noose is a symbol of hate, this was a hate crime at the moment it was discovered. Thankfully it was a misunderstanding and unfortunate coincidence.

Tuesday’s findings don’t lessen what the driver’s did for Bubba Monday afternoon. If anything it strengthens the bond in the garage area.

#NooseHoax: People Are Angry This Wasn’t A Hate Crime

#NooseHoax and #BubbaHoax have been trending on Twitter since Tuesday evening. Commenters are calling Bubba Wallace Jussie Smollett 2.0, they believe this was done for attention. Racist conspiracy theorists think Bubba put the noose there himself, or that NASCAR did this for attention. Listen, NASCAR has so much positive attention the last two weeks they didn’t need this.

People are genuinely mad this was not a hate crime. They’re upset the noose wasn’t left there specifically for Bubba Wallace. The proud boys are furious.

That is an absolutely preposterous mindset to have but it’s a mindset we’ve seen become all too prevalent in this current climate.

This wasn’t a hoax, there is no conspiracy. That’s upsetting to a number of people. This was an unfortunate coincidence. To question Bubba’s character, to question NASCAR’s integrity is laughable. If you can’t understand the severity of the situation you’re part of the problem. This isn’t your dad’s NASCAR anymore.

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