Don’t Believe The Bubba Wallace/NASCAR Conspiracy Theories Racists Are Pushing

Don’t let the racists win.

A number of conspiracy theories are floating around the internet today in regard to what happened Sunday afternoon at Talladega. Don’t engage with these racists and their theories, they want the interaction. They want outrage. Their lies are presented as facts even though NASCAR and the FBI have stated they will update the public when they know more.

What We Do Know

A noose was found hanging in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall during Sunday’s rain delay. A crew member from the #43 found the noose and alerted track security. NASCAR President Steve Phelps called Wallace to inform him what was found. On Monday morning NASCAR handed the investigation over to the FBI.

Those are the facts. No spin zone, no lies, just facts.

Don’t Get Sucked Into Facebook

Facebook is a cesspool of racist scumbags begging for attention. A website chocked full of lies with no regulation or fact-checking. Facebook has shown a blatant disregard for doing the right thing, instead of cleaning up their platform they only feed the monster more and more.

What was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall wasn’t a serpentine belt as some racists have said on Facebook. Mainly because NASCAR engines don’t run serpentine belts like a street car. Instead, there’s an alternator belt and a timing belt. Neither of which are long enough to look like a noose.

“It was a garage door pulldown strap.”

“Bubba hung it there himself”

“It was an inside job, NASCAR did this for attention”

It’s offensive that people think NASCAR or Wallace would hang the noose themselves for the attention. Listen, NASCAR has made huge progressive moves in the last two weeks, they don’t need that attention. NASCAR has so much positive attention around the sport right now.

Whoever hung that noose only amplified the support Wallace and NASCAR have going forward. This incident brought everyone together. Hanging that noose didn’t scare anyone away, it only made everyone stronger. NASCAR as a community has never been stronger, we’re all walking in the same direction and this sport will be damned if some racist is going to mess this up.

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