This Ain’t Your Daddy’s NASCAR

At 10 p.m. Sunday night NASCAR released a statement saying a noose was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday.

A noose.

A fucking noose was found in the garage stall of an African American man in the year 2020. Think about that for a moment, think about the fact a man of color has to fear for his life to simply do his job. Bubba Wallace merely wants equality, and people are sending the message that they want him dead. All for wanting equality. All because he and the majority are sick and tired of seeing our fellow citizens killed in the streets for nothing. Stopped for nothing. Discriminated against for absolutely nothing other than the color of their skin.

A noose. It’s unfathomable.

This Ain’t Your Daddy’s NASCAR

Listen, if you’re a racist if you support this type of action we’re coming for that ass. This ain’t your daddy’s NASCAR anymore. We’re not looking past blatant displays of racism. We’re done playing games.

Confederate flags are banned, people will be publicly shamed for displaying a symbol of hate going forward. You want to drive around in front of a race track with your symbol of hate flapping in the wind behind you? Cool, we’ll clown you. You want to fly a “defund NASCAR” banner over tracks because your brain, molded by the 48th ranked state in education fails to realize it’s a privately held organization then go for it. Could use that money to start a 529 plan and send your kids to college so they won’t the same racist path.

We’re not playing anymore.

No more of this “It’s heritage, not hate” bullshit. We’re not playing, you’re a racist. Get out.

We aren’t laughing at the “If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson” t-shirts anymore. Chase Elliott has been in the Cup Series longer than the Confederacy existed. We don’t need a history lesson.

This isn’t your Daddy’s NASCAR anymore. We’re welcoming everyone, from all walks of life. This isn’t a white “good ole’ boys” sport anymore. Your time has come to an end, we’re taking this sport and we’re making it better. Thanks for showing it to us, giving us some laughs with your outfits and accents but we like this sport too damn much to let a racist sect take it away.

We’re not leaving.

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