NASCAR All-Star Race Moves To Bristol & A Choose Cone Coming?


The NASCAR All-Star Race will take place on a short track for the first time in history July 15th. NASCAR and SMI announced Monday evening that the annual All-Star Race would move from Charlotte to Bristol Motor Speedway this season.

This announcement comes 11 days after NASCAR announced their summer schedule that included the All-Star Race and ARCA race at Charlotte on July 15th.

Why The Change?

It would be refreshing to hear the change was made to give each track the opportunity to host the All-Star Race. To move the event around like MLB, NBA, and NHL if you will.

While everyone would love for that to be the reason and it should be the reason going forward, that was not the case for this year.

Charlotte, North Carolina has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases thus prompting the series and track to move the race out of the area for the safety of everyone involved. While Bristol Motor Speedway is vastly more suited for the All-Star Race than Charlotte, we can’t overlook this reason. Especially when you consider nearly every NASCAR team is based in the Charlotte area.

In an effort to catch up to Charlotte’s COVID-19 rise, Bristol will allow 30,000 fans into the event with no face mask requirement. Going to be a lot of spit flying around when Joey Logano sends Chase Elliott the first chance he gets.

A Bristol All-Star Race is going to absolutely destroy any chance Charlotte has at hosting the event again in the future.

Bristol AND A Choose Cone?

As if the Bristol news wasn’t enough good news already, there is a chance the sport will experiment with a choose cone for the first time.

Listen this guy nearly passed out from fumes last week, he had a kid Sunday morning and might be delirious from lack of sleep but we’re running with this Austin Dillon tweet.

Drivers championed for a choose cone after the series resumed racing following the COVID-19 shutdown. A number of drivers complained about being in a bad line on the restart. Essentially saying their fate shouldn’t be determined by that.

The idea with the choose cone is give drivers the opportunity to line up in the preferred line. If the outside is the preferred lane a number of guys will take that lane but there will always be a a few drivers who see the other lane as an opportunity. Taking the less preferred lane gives drivers instant track position. Weigh the risk versus the reward.

Having said all that, this cone will be hit multiple times during this race.

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