Deja Vu: Chase Elliott Hands Brad Keselowski Another Win

Chase Elliott decided to run it back again this Sunday.

Last Sunday night in the Coke 600 Chase Elliott and his #9 team handed Brad Keselowski his third career Crown Jewel race. Elliott pitted during the final caution before the two-lap shootout, he would settle for third place.

Deja vu struck Sunday at Bristol as Chase Elliott once again found himself in position to win and once again a mistake handed another win to Brad Keselowski. Big bad Brad is walking around the neighborhood beating kids with his pillowcase candy bag and jacking all the good stuff.

Bristol Bungled

Chase Elliott was in the catbird (that means sitting real pretty, sure thing, should have happened) seat for the final restart at Bristol on Sunday. Elliott was looking to go back to back for the first time in his career. The #9 car spent most of Sunday running in the Top-5, leading 78 laps before he would regain the lead on lap 489.

All Elliott had to do was survive the final restart, lead the last 5 laps and he’d have his first Bristol win.

Instead, Elliott got engaged in a back and forth battle with Joey Logano who somehow found speed late in the race on Sunday after looking rather pedestrian through the mid-portion of the race. Logano and Elliott engaged in a side by side battle. That ultimately led to Chase Elliott getting lose on corner entry which sent him into Logano ending the day for both.

Weirdly it didn’t draw a caution when NASCAR has set a precedent for throwing a caution for far less.

That incident handed the win to Brad Keselowski for the Sunday in a row. Brad finds a way to put himself in a position to win races and capitalized on those opportunities better than nearly every other driver in the sport currently. And he’s making Jeremy Bullins look smart after he fumbled numerous races with Ryan Blaney.

Logano v. Elliott

After the race, Joey Logano played the “woe is me card” proclaiming innocence, and Elliott was the bad guy. Video shows Elliott getting loose, for Logano to act as he has never done anything like this is preposterous. It’s laugh out loud funny, it’s like David Stern saying he didn’t fix the NBA Lottery. Listen, man, we know. It’s fine.

Post-Lockdown Chase Elliott now has budding rivalries with Kyle Busch and Joey Logano. Those could be exciting rivalries if Chase can start winning races. The biggest problem for Elliott so far has been his failure to capitalize when he has a fast car.

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