NASCAR’s Next Portion Of The 2020 Schedule Is Brutal For Fans

On Friday Night, The Athletic posted the next portion of the NASCAR Cup Series schedule. The summer portion of the Cup Series schedule is absolutely brutal for NASCAR fans. From Pocono to Indy, to Michigan, to cookie cutters the 8-race summer schedule doesn’t stack up well for excitement.

NASCAR’s Summer Schedule

June 27 & 28 — Pocono Raceway (Trucks Series on Saturday; Xfinity Series on Sunday)

Back to back brutal races for fans this weekend. Pocono is awful with the best package in the world, toss in the high downforce package and these races will be excruciating. The only redeeming quality is the fact there will be at least 4 races over 2 days. If ARCA runs then it will be 5 over 2 days and unlike heroin more racing is never a bad thing.

July 5 — Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Yikes. Two races at Pocono and then NASCAR heads to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. At least the Xfinity race will be run on the road course. Sunday’s Brickyard 400 will likely feature one car dominating most of the race thanks to track position and a good restart. This could potentially be the first race back with fans, Indiana doesn’t give a damn about COVID-19.

July 12 — Kentucky Speedway (originally scheduled July 11)

Kentucky got better as the night went on last season setting up for an all-time finish between the Busch brothers. If we get that race again it will end the brutal race streak for fans. If it’s typical Kentucky we’re in for a long night.

July 15 (Wednesday) — Charlotte Motor Speedway (All-Star Race)

Why can’t the All-Star Race be at other tracks? Run Martinsville, Bristol, anything. Obviously the series is doing it mid-week at Charlotte for the teams so they have another night at home.

July 19 — Texas Motor Speedway (originally New Hampshire)

It’s Texas. Last year’s races were a teeny bit better than previous years but the Eddie Gossage ruined the track when he messed up Turn 1 and 2. There is a possibility to see 20% fan capacity on this weekend too.

July 23 (Thursday) — Kansas Speedway (originally scheduled for May 31.)

Thursday Night is an interesting choice but it would give teams a long week to get ready for New Hampshire. Kansas is no Chicagoland and unless Joey Logano dumps Matt Kenseth again the likelihood of something interesting happening is minute. Some of you are going to read that as minute.

Aug. 2 — New Hampshire Motor Speedway(originally off weekend)

When New Hampshire is the most interesting track in an 8 race stretch you know things aren’t going well. The flat track in the northeast might be the only hope for this stretch of races.

Aug. 8 & 9 — Michigan International Speedway

Michigan #1 last season left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. The high downforce package turned Michigan into a poor-mans superspeedway. Joey Logano led 163 of 203 laps last season highlighting how crucial clean air was. Like Pocono, the positive is we get both out of the way quickly.

Remaining Races

Watkins Glen, Daytona, and Dover 1 & 2 are the remaining three regular-season races before the playoffs start. The remaining regular-season schedule will likely look like this:

Aug. 16 – Watkins Glen (all three series, you read that right)

Aug. 22 & 23 Dover Doubleheader (all three series)

Aug. 29 Daytona

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