FOX Tries To Create Kyle Busch Drama After Tuesday’s NASCAR Truck Series Race

While Chase Elliott was busy doing Kyle Busch’s infamous “bow” after winning a race, the 2-time Cup Champion was standing on pit road waiting to be interviewed.

Busch had just lost his first truck race since 2018, and he lost it to Chase Elliott who was specifically in Tuesday night’s race to go bounty hunting. Kevin Harvick put a $100,000 bounty on Kyle Busch’s head to any Cup driver who could be Rowdy Busch at his own game. Elliott and GMS Racing took up the challenge and left with the checkered flag Tuesday night.

Elliott led while Kyle Busch tried to chase him down late in the race. After pulling multiple video game moves to get back to the front, Busch just couldn’t get to the bumper of Elliott’s #24 truck. Busch got beat, he knew it and accepted it.

FOX Tries To Create Drama

As Elliott celebrated, the TV broadcast showed Busch multiple times on pit road. From Kyle talking to those around him, to putting his helmet in his bag, and then finally Kyle walking down pit road alone with his helmet bag in hand.

Everyone at home was waiting for Kyle’s interview. A postrace interview after Kyle loses is always must watch. After talking to Elliott on the front stretch FOX interviewed third-place finisher Zane Smith who put on a hell of a show Tuesday night. So where was Kyle Busch?

After showing him walking down pit road alone the broadcast coverage went off the air. It appeared Kyle stormed off without talking to the broadcast. Or at least that’s what they wanted you to believe.

Ahh so there was an interview, it just wasn’t aired. Why was that?

Kyle said a naughty word that couldn’t be bleeped on the 20-second delay FOX operates on. Ok then. This comes less than a week after FOX clearly aired Alan Gustaffson saying “fuck” post-race.

The next question is why didn’t the broadcast booth say this before they went off the air? “We talked to Kyle Busch, unfortunately, he used a bad word that we couldn’t edit out in real-time. You can see the interview on and the Fox Sports social channels momentarily.” Pretty easy to send that.

Instead, FOX decided to not mention the interview and instead show Kyle Busch walking away. It was a dirty move by the broadcast especially when you consider most people were waiting to hear from Kyle.

Here is the interview:

Shit isn’t even a bad word.

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