Another One Bites The Dust: Audi’s Formula E Team Fires Daniel Abt Over Hiring Virtual Racing Ringer

Formula E driver Daniel Abt went into the weekend as a factory driver for Audi’s FE team. He leaves the weekend unemployed and becomes the second driver during COVID-19 to be fired over a virtual race.

Abt hired professional sim racer Lorenz Hoerzing pose as him in Formula E’s Race at Home Challenge this weekend at the virtual Berlin ePrix. Unfortunately for Abt his virtual skills were rather pedestrian so when Hoerzing had Abt’s car near the front of the grid people had questions.

Snitch Stoffle Vandoorne led the charge accusing Abt of not actually being Abt. Turns out he was right after race organizers found different IP addresses for Abt’s entry.

Following these revelations the FIA fined Abt $10k in the form of a donation to a charity. That’s pretty reasonable but still funny for cheating at a video game that holds no real-world implications.

We Live In The Dumbest Timeline

Not only did Abt receive a fine, but it also is known that Audi will be firing Abt over this weekend’s events.

Abt will be fired for hiring a ringer in a virtual race that pays no prize money, and no championship points. Just to make this a little more dramatic Abt’s family runs the Audi Formula E team which only adds another wrinkle into this whole scenario.

Abt now becomes the second driver to be canned over actions during a virtual race. Kyle Larson lost his NASCAR Cup Series ride after saying a racial slur. In the grand scheme of things Larson’s actions were far worse than what Abt did.

The German’s don’t take things lightly. Any form of cheating that brings embarrassment on the manufacturer has to be dealt with and firing Abt is the easiest way of distancing yourself.

At the end of the day Abt should still be a Formula E driver, everyone should have had a good laugh about it and moved on.

We live in a truly stupid time.

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