Did NASCAR Spotters Ignore Social Distancing Guidelines? The Answer Isn’t What You Think

When NASCAR returned to racing on Sunday the sport laid out strict guidelines for teams to follow. One of those guidelines pertained to social distancing. Teams were told to stay 6-feet apart from other teams. Media members had to interview drivers from 6-feet away. Even the spotters on top of the grandstand needed to be 6-feet apart.

The latter had NASCAR Twitter in an absolute uproar after a FOX live shot appeared to show spotters standing shoulder to shoulder.


Oh boy. That’s a bad look. That’s a picture that’s going to ignite the critics. Keith Olbermann is going to comment on this, isn’t he? Bromberg, known for his criticism of the sport hopped on this train like he was in Mad Max headed for Valhalla. The critics went all South Park and jizz covered their computers.

Hear me out, could it have just been the camera angle? Sure that live shot looks bad, it appears to show 39 spotters standing shoulder to shoulder living their best lives like it’s February 2020.

Fans on Twitter were counting the handrails in the picture and guessing what the width of each section was. People were counting seats, and determining spotters weren’t far enough apart. All of this while ignoring the camera angle.


As soon as that live shot happened fans immediately took to Twitter in an uproar. People were fr*ckin’ pissed. NASCAR took a big chance being the first sport to come back and this is how they present themselves?!

But wait.

Now that looks like appropriate social distancing. Each spotter is appropriately spaced 6-feet apart, standing there minding their own business with their binoculars.

Sightlines and angles are hard to determine spacing or size sometimes. Last year at Kentucky we watched the race from pit road and the crowd looked sparse. Blue and yellow seats were visible all across the front stretch. However, when we moved to the grandstand to watch with the fans the crowd looked far bigger than what we just saw from pit road.

Nevertheless, the conspiracy theorists were out in strong force.


FOX reported that NASCAR told spotters over the radio to space out. Yet a spotter who was actually there, with his headset on, said that didn’t happen.

Now you can dislike Brett Griffin for his terrible takes, support of Trump, and whatever else. What you can’t do is question his passion for the sport. Griffin and everyone else in NASCAR want the sport to come back, they want it to succeed, there’s no way they will jeopardize this opportunity.

Everythings Fine, Worry About Something Else

From the look of things, everyone was appropriately distanced from those around them. Everyone was wearing a mask and NASCAR took all the necessary precautions to make this work. Outside of testing everyone at the track, the sport did a phenomenal job.

If the only criticism NASCAR has after this race is from an awkward angle of the spotter’s stand, it was a successful day.

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