Would Timmy Hill Succeed In Top-Tier NASCAR Equipment? Potentially But Here’s The Thing

Timmy Hill thrust himself into the NASCAR spotlight on Sunday by winning the iRacing Pro Invitational race at Texas Motor Speedway. The MBM driver who can only dream of running up front during actual NASCAR races pounced on his opportunity now that everyone is on a level playing field.

With all 35 drivers using the same setup and money not being a factor, fans were treated to a completely different running order than we’re used too. Instead of Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Chase Elliott and the rest of the normal cast upfront they saw Timmy Hill, Garrett Smithley, Ryan Preece and Landon Cassill duking it out for the win.

Timmy Hill’s win on Sunday has many people on the internet wondering just how good he could be if he was in top-tier equipment. So could he be good?

There’s Potential But Here’s The Thing

While this version iRacing we see on Sunday levels the playing field in terms of team budgets, research and development, parts, and fixed setup, etc. It’s the fixed set up part that is the biggest determining factor in if Timmy Hill could make it.

Listen, Timmy Hill is a hell of a driver on iRacing. He runs thousands of races, has over a hundred wins and has really shown off the last two weeks. Meanwhile, the sports top drivers Kyle Busch, Larson, Elliott, Bowman, and others have struggled at times. Why? Because they can’t set the car up to suit their driving style.

If you allowed Kyle Busch to set his car up, or Larson to free his car up, and all the others set up the car to suit their style we see a completely different race. So the question is if this was real-world racing would Timmy Hill’s set up in a JGR car be able to compete with the likes of Hamlin, Busch, or Truex? Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

This isn’t to put down Timmy Hill’s talent. The guy has put in some solid drives in subpar equipment. But to say running well in a couple of races on iRacing against guys who have only a handful of starts qualifies him for a shot in top-tier equipment is delusional.

Having said all of that, it was a fun race, hell of a finish and awesome to see Timmy Hill in his polo sitting at his home office desk win a race.

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